SMSI: Inventory Specialists

By: Smsi  09-12-2011

Leverage the expertise of our sales force to move your discontinued, obsolete and excess inventory into our extensive secondary market customer-base. Through existing relationships, our sales force can introduce your product into an untappped market. SMS manages the supply-chain logistics, providing an efficient and hassle-free solution. This allows our clients' sales force to focus on primary distribution channels.

  • Extensive, vetted and client-approved list of secondary-market customers.
  • We take your excess inventory and we sell it to our secondary-market customers, with your approval.
  • Your unsold inventory can be easily converted from an expense to a source of revenue. The process is designed to ensure that your primary customer base remains protected.
  • Preapproved secondary-market vendors bid on your inventory list, ensuring you receive maximum return for your excess product.
  • SMS manages all of the logistics and cross-docking, providing you with an efficient and hassle-free solution.
  • Under the Giant Warehouse Sale banner, we run an on-line, direct-to-consumer store. This provides an excellent, under-the-radar outlet for our customer's excess inventory, generating revenue without cannibalizing primary retail channnels. Our website application is extremely robust, allowing us to tailor the sale of each product sku to our customers' needs, for example, you can choose to set a maximum number of items per sku that can be sold per order or you can choose to identify the product as only available for sale in Canada.
  • In addition to our on-line retail store, if requested, we can provide a temporary retail environment for the direct-to-consumer sale of your excess inventory. Experienced SMS management and staff setup, operate and dismantle these large-scale retail events.
  • Our proprietary Point-of–Sale and Data Management (POSDM) system delivers UPC-level sales reports to clients.
  • A network of importers and distributors is available globally. Creates a revenue stream for excess inventory that may not have a place within local secondary markets.
  • We work with you to identify those new export markets that will not affect sales from the international divisions of your corporation.

We offer a variety of rework services to prepare product for the secondary market.

  • SMS can recondition return product that is blemished to prepare it for resale.
  • We can relabel and repack excess inventory for resale.
  • Our proprietary Inventory Management System (IMS) generates customized reports.
  • SMS employs a pool of prescreened employees (police background checks done) to act as third-party witnesses for the destruction of sensitive products.
  • Provides independent verification that your unsaleable product is not being diverted into the grey market.