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By: Saygi  09-12-2011

Rumi Symposium at UofT in 2007

Canadian Intercultural Dialogue Center brought winds of Rumi thoughts to Canada. First one of the three Symposiums on Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi and Inter-cultural and -civilization Dialogue was held at Victoria University (University of Toronto) Northrop Frye Hall on November 3rd 2007 with international participants. Symposiums were organized by SAYGI Canadian Turkish Academics Association, Canadian Intercultural Dialogue Centre in Toronto and Canadian Institute of interfaith Dialogue in Ottawa.

American, Canadian and Turkish academics put forward Rumi thinking, which develops along the axes of compassion and tolerance, and to apply its contemporary implications for the benefit of all humanity as the goal of this symposium. By doing so, they hoped to contribute to the formation of a new climate of compassion for humankind in our own time. Academics stated that we live in an era which violence, enmity, hatred are increasing throughout the world, an era in which humanity has gradually departed from basic virtues such as compassion, tolerance and, peace. We now found ourselves face to face with a recurrence of threats that marked the Thirteenth Century- the absolute annihilation of humankind, the collapse of civilizations, and violence that spreads the seeds of enmity and hate. At such a time, our need for a sturdy moral and ethical backbone that will establish tolerance and compassion among all humanity is immeasurable. Remarkably, we can find just such a common inspiration, capable of bringing forth humanity pride, the perfection of the human constitution, and its basic spiritual beauty, among the primary sources of our tradition.

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SAYGI has been invited by Nil Academy, Turkish Community School in Toronto, to offer a one-day seminar series on occupations and Canadian universities. S. Karakas , M. F. Yegul (Univ. of Waterloo), Z. Karadag (PhD, UofT) were some of the presenters on Jan 10, 2010 at Nil Academy.


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From the opening day of learning about Istanbul and the beauties of the Turkish coastline all the way through all the other interesting places and ending in Ankara the trip was a fascinating experience. Over the course of my visit to Turkey I enjoyed not only the amazing historic and natural sites of interest but also the warmth of hospitality at dinners and receptions in the homes of our hosts.