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By: Mycosource  09-12-2011


We  provide consulting services tailored to the individual needs of prospective commercial growers on a fee basis.  In particular, we offer consulting for the design of cultivation facilities, selection of the most suitable mushroom strains, and training of personnel at our facility. Our expertise can help to avoid costly mistakes in setting up a commercial production enterprise.  

We are a commercial operation for the cultivation of Shiitake mushrooms on outdoor logs and for indoor cultivation on sawdust blocks. Our indoor facility is a complete cycle operation that includes a laboratory for sterile work, incubation areas and an indoor growing room.  Some of the species we grow indoors on a commercial basis are Shiitake, King Oyster, and Reishi

 Please read the information on commercial cultivation on this web site, if you can get to our farm you are welcome to visit to see what is involved.

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A PHYTO-SANITARY CERTIFICATE FOR SHIPPING LIVE MUSHROOM SPAWN FROM YOUR AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT WILL MOST LIKELY BE REQUIRED AND SHOULD BE OBTAINED BEFORE ORDERING, OR YOUR ORDER MAY BE HELD UP AT CUSTOMS. We have contacts for machinery from Japan for large-scale sawdust block and bottle production. Spawn is the name for the mushroom inoculant which is a culture grown out on various media.