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By: Learnstyle  09-12-2011
Keywords: Assistive Technology, Training Session, Engaging Learning

Group sessions offer the same opportunities as one on one sessions with some additional benefits for the student or user. While creating a comfortable and engaging learning environment, the students experience will be enhanced due to the ability to work with others who have similar learning differences and levels. This session format is great when trying to break down social barriers associated with some forms of assistive technology, such as the stigma of using a computer in school.

It is possible that during a group training session learners will be using different assistive technology programs. The trainer may determine that a student requires speech recognition as a priority over word prediction or graphic organizing software. While another student may begin a training session with a graphic organizing program such as Inspiration 9 or Smart Ideas.

Group sessions will also include extension activities for different learners with differentiation being the emphasis. Group sessions can include up to approximately 2 or 3 learners at a time. The process of delivering specific pieces of assistive technology at certain times throughout the session will still be a focus. Having an understanding of what programs should be used at certain points during the writing process is emphasized and a skill that the LEARNstyle trainers have significant experience with.

During Group training sessions, students will have the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas to their peers as they brainstorm ideas for a graphic organizer or read a great story within Kurzweil 3000.

Keywords: Assistive Technology, Engaging Learning, Training Session, Using A Computer, Word Prediction,

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We have created Tutors with Computers: a program that focuses on the individual strengths of students and uses assistive technologies to help students overcome learning challenges. Creating a comfortable and safe learning environment that allows the students to ask questions and explore the programs openly is the goal of the trainer.



While creating a comfortable and engaging learning environment, students’ experiences will be enhanced due to the ability to work with others who have similar learning differences and learning levels. One on one group sessions are very focused and engaging learning sessions on various pieces of Assistive Technology software.


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This is where they can access various reading and study skill tools such as utilizing highlighters, extracting annotations and finding definitions. Kurzweil 3000 allows students and teachers to scan or virtual print text and electronic documents into a Kurzweil format.