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By: Lalonde Partners  09-12-2011

projectImpact on Canadian Education : our company, Lalonde+Associates decided to present The Campus Readership project to the executive committee of Toronto Star because it met our company’s commitment to positively affecting Canada’s public affairs:                                                        

a.   improve the quality of Canadian education in one of the largest groupings of universities – Southwestern Ontario

b.   for the first time in Canadian history, deliver free daily current events news to the most highly subsidized segment of Canadian society, the university and college student sector

c.   fill a major gap in the Canadian university learning process, the fact that only 15% of students read newspapers

d.   fill the gap of many students who, by economic and sociological circumstances, were not being exposed to current local and world news in their education

e.   open the range of learning by providing free newspapers to students thereby enabling professors to discuss current world/local events in the classroom

f.    introduce possibility of examining students on current events by providing universal access to world /local news

g.   place a sponsored newspaper program in an environment, the university, where it would be the best positioned to be used effectively  

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