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By: Juice Mobile  09-12-2011
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We can help you cross platforms and devices and show you the newest technologies to help you reach consumers in the most compelling and engaging ways.

Reasons to Believe

  • Utilize the newest & richest ad formats.
  • Address the entire mobile population.
  • Use the most sophisticated targeting options.
  • Get real-time participation at your event or during your program.

Mobile Strategy

We’ll show you how to optimize your mobile marketing and create an immersive interactive experience with innovative marketing techniques.

Insight & Analysis

We’ll show you what’s changing and where mobile is going. Using industry trends, demographics, psychographics and more, you’ll get the information you need to stay ahead of the curve.


JUICE can design and construct all creative for your mobile campaign. For the most immersive consumer experience, JUICE recommends trying these Ad units:

  • Rich media & rich video
  • Roadblocks & Takeovers
  • Custom Ad Units


You can show your customers that you’re a leader by participating in the newest ways to interact with them, or simply by exploiting the opportunity of being the first in your industry to take advantage of these activation services:

  • mCommerce
  • NFC (Near Field Communications)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Social Integration with Facebook, Twitter campaigns

JUICE Premium Ad Network

Get the most reach and scale in Canada. JUICE provides agencies and brands a platform that can handle all of their mobile planning and buying needs – whether it’s targeting a specific carrier, device or property – and all with one point of contact, one invoice, and one reporting structure. It’s part of our complete end-to-end service offering.

JUICE Analytics

JUICE provides an efficient platform for advertisers and agencies to purchase and target mobile impressions – both static and rich – from various publications, stand alone mobile applications, mobile websites (WAP) and emerging devices, all in one seamless interface.

Whether you’re looking to target by carrier, device, region, latitude/longitude, content group or something else, JUICE combines its advanced targeting with its rapidly growing list of publishers to offer a complete solution for the advertising buyer and planner, while also providing all the reporting you need to optimize and analyze your campaign.

By leading you attract other innovators who want to participate in the cutting edge delivery of content and ads.

Reasons to Believe

  • Enhance your mobile properties.
  • Create efficiency in your mobile operation.
  • Develop new products.
  • Get a higher yield.
  • Unify programs across your content by integrating mobile.

Mobile Strategy

We’ll show you how to enter new verticals, have the most advanced, sought after ad space and fetch a premium for your ad inventory.

Insight & Analysis

We’ll show you what’s changing and where mobile is going. With the latest industry trends, demographics, psychographics and more, you’ll get the information you need to maintain your leadership position.


JUICE can design and construct your premium ad units. Whether we sell them or you do, you can stay focused on creating the best content. To offer the latest and greatest inventory, choose one of these ad solutions:

  • Rich Media & Rich Video
  • Roadblocks & Takeovers
  • Custom Wipe Aways
  • Expandable Units
  • Social Integration Units
  • Mobile Web Destinations – m.dot
  • Enhanced Mobile Landing Pages


Achieve, maintain and then grow a leadership position in the mobile space with marketing and promotional programs that increase your audience size and number of impressions.


JUICE offers a number of solutions to help Publishers monetize and generate the highest revenues for their mobile sites and applications.

Join JUICE’s Premium Ad Network featuring the top Publisher brands in Canada. At JUICE, we focus on bringing the highest quality advertisers to mobile and ensure that our Publisher partners derive the maximum value from their mobile inventory.

JUICE Mobile Sales is equipped to market your mobile inventory to the top media buying agencies in Canada. Our sales team are mobile advertising experts with deep experience in the agency industry. Need help maximizing your mobile revenues? Let JUICE Mobile Sales lead the way.


To offer the latest, most compelling ad formats, you need the platforms, technology and infrastructure that best serve them. With JUICE Ad Serving, you have the ability to serve the most innovative ads and activation services. With JUICE Analytics, you get a metrics platform that allows you to track and monitor the performance of advertising campaigns, whether they’re sold by an internal sales team or in conjunction with the JUICE sales force.

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Create monetization opportunities• Generate new revenue streams with mobile• Leverage your existing content in the mobile space• Establish efficiencies in your operations & professional services departments for the service, maintenance, and creation of ad units. JUICE supplies publishers and application developers with an ad serving and metrics platform to track and monitor advertising campaigns.


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We’ll conduct analysis against your sites, look at the latest trends and relevant case studies to give you the insight you need to better determine who your audience is while increasing your monetization opportunities. We’re the experts, so let us bring you up to speed on the latest mobile industry trends, demographics, and psychographics to expand and build your mobile strategy.


Juice Mobile

Whether you’re looking to start out small or blaze a new trail, we can connect you with the right devices and consumers. JUICE is proud to offer the complete mobile solution.