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By: Juice Mobile  09-12-2011
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JUICE will help you make more than simply a brand impression – we will help you deliver a brand experience. After all, an impression is only as good as the activation behind it.

Reasons to Believe

  • Learn how to scale your mobile presence
  • Get conversion rates 2 to 5 times higher than other media
  • Engage customers at their moment of inspiration and when they have no access to other media
  • Move beyond impressions

Mobile Strategy

We’ll show you how to evolve your existing strategy and scale your mobile marketing.

Insight & Analysis

We’re the experts, so let us bring you up to speed on the latest mobile industry trends, demographics, and psychographics to expand and build your mobile strategy. We can tell you if you should use QR or SMS. We can help you integrate tablets, readers, and handheld gaming devices into your mobile campaign. We’ll help you evolve beyond the static impression into a market leader in the mobile space. Let JUICE help you become the market leader in your category.


JUICE can design and construct all creative for your mobile campaign. For those already doing static and animated display ads, JUICE typically recommends an evolution to these Ad units:


With mobile you can offer a more personal brand experience and you can take advantage of knowing a customer’s location and of their ability to react immediately. Turn browsers into buyers and deliver a more immersive experience with one of these activation services:

  • Mobile Coupons
  • Mobile Contests
  • Social Integration
  • SMS & QR Codes
  • Mobile Database Creation & Management

JUICE Premium Ad Network

Get the most reach and scale in Canada with an audience of 600M+ monthly, unduplicated visitors. JUICE provides agencies and brands a platform that can handle all of their mobile buying needs – with one point of contact, one invoice, and one reporting structure. It’s part of our complete end-to-end service offering.

JUICE Analytics

JUICE provides an efficient platform for advertisers and agencies to purchase and target mobile impressions – both static and rich. JUICE combines its advanced targeting with its rapidly growing list of publishers to offer a complete solution for the advertising buyer and planner that includes all of the reporting you need to optimize and analyze your campaign.

Whether a Canadian or International Publisher, at JUICE we can help you get serious about monetizing your mobile content. Increase your mobile Ad inventory and revenues with these services.

Reasons to Believe

  • Recoup your investment in mobile.
  • Obtain a premium for your ads.
  • Implement rich ad inventory.
  • Increase your ad inventory.
  • Tie all of your various publications (iPad, Playbook, iOS App, Mobile website, etc) together into one seamless mobile platform.
  • Enable more active real-time participation with your content.

Mobile Strategy

We’ll show you how to evolve your existing strategy and increase monetization opportunities.

Insights & Analysis

We’ll help you better understand who your audience is and how they use your content through our JUICE audit services. We’ll conduct analysis against your sites, look at the latest trends and relevant case studies to give you the insight you need to better determine who your audience is while increasing your monetization opportunities.


Increasing advertising options available to brands is a must. This means richer more dynamic creative with a robust activation strategy. Use JUICE’s creative services and you can add these formats to your inventory:

  • Static & Enhanced Display Ads
  • Expandable Ads
  • Social Integration Units
  • Wipe Away Custom Units
  • Live Feed Units
  • Video Pre-Roll


With the marketing and promotional programs JUICE supplies, you will increase your audience size and number of mobile impressions leading to an increased overall revenue.


JUICE is the only company in Canada that exclusively sells mobile ad inventory. JUICE does not provide integrated packages that combine online and mobile –that’s why we do mobile best. JUICE only sells mobile premium solutions that respect the rates and integrity of its partners.


Don’t sweat the details. With JUICE Analytics, you get a metrics platform that allows you to monitor the performance of advertising campaigns, whether they are sold by an internal sales team or in conjunction with the JUICE mobile sales force.

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Get Started | Juice Mobile

Create monetization opportunities• Generate new revenue streams with mobile• Leverage your existing content in the mobile space• Establish efficiencies in your operations & professional services departments for the service, maintenance, and creation of ad units. JUICE supplies publishers and application developers with an ad serving and metrics platform to track and monitor advertising campaigns.


Lead The Way | Juice Mobile

JUICE provides agencies and brands a platform that can handle all of their mobile planning and buying needs – whether it’s targeting a specific carrier, device or property – and all with one point of contact, one invoice, and one reporting structure. We focus on bringing the highest quality advertisers to mobile and ensure that our Publisher partners derive the maximum value from their mobile inventory.


Juice Mobile

Whether you’re looking to start out small or blaze a new trail, we can connect you with the right devices and consumers. JUICE is proud to offer the complete mobile solution.