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Purpose- Designed to gently cleanse the skin and pore follicles, removes oil, dirt, skin debris, and make-up, while not irritating or drying the skin cell.

INTENSE CLEANSER - An anti-oxidant rich, pH correct, cleanser designed to deeply cleanse the skin and pore follicles; removes oil, dirt, skin debris, and make-up, while not drying the skin.

Purpose- To deeply cleanse the skin. Leaves skin feeling refreshingly clean.

CONDITIONING SOLUTION - A skin toner/ astringent with a blend of exfoliating acids, de-congested botanicals, and skin brightening agents.

Purpose- Designed to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin surface and pore follicles. Will aid in reducing acne conditions, and help create a smoother, brightened skin.

DEPIGMENTATION GEL - Formulated with advanced exfoliating acids, skin lightening extracts, and anti-acne ingredients.

Purpose- Specifically designed to exfoliate, lighten, and increase cellular regeneration. Assist in improving the appearance of lines, pigment, and acne.

INTENSE MOISTURE CREAM- Formulated as an antioxidant rich, extraordinary emollient moisturizer with vast amounts of nourishing, soothing and lubricating nutrients.

Purpose- Helps eradicate dry skin, especially in winter months by infusing luxorurious amounts of hydrating and emollient ingredients deep within the upper layers of skin. Provides for supple, soft, healthy, re-vitalizing effects.

HYDRATING COMPLEX- A weightless serum, containing active ingredients, which stimulate the production of collagen, elastic, fibronectin and glycosaminaglycans – elements that bind tissue and hold in the moisture of the skin.

Purpose- The product effectively delivers emollients and nutrients to the skin without oily residue. It is an ideal moisturizer for oily skin and appropriate for all skin types for light hydration. It helps to increase circulation and cell respiration while firming, nourishing, protecting and healing the skin. Performs as a soothing balm when applied after shaving.

ANTI-OXIDENTS EYE CREAM- A botanically rich formula that is light, hydrating, and a non-irritating antioxidant. Specially formulated to treat the delicate eye area.

Purpose- Stimulates collagen synthesis and enhances circulating in the capillaries to plump and firm sensitive eye tissue. Effective for the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

DAILY SPF30- An anti-oxidant rich, ultra lightweight titanium dioxide based UVA/UVB broad-spectrum block to protect skin from the sun's harmful rays and help guard against sun damage.

Purpose- To protects the skin from environmental assaults and UV damage. Light and greaseless, will not feel heavy, allows make-up to be applied easily and will not block pores. Silicone barrier system allows for the natural moisture to be retained within the skin, leading to naturally hydrated, soft, supple skin.

NOURISHING FREEZE MASK- A refreshing, cooling, soothing, and nourishing, clay based mask with a neutral pH for all skin types. The mask contains collagen, elastin, and vitamins A,E,C,D3,K and B complex.

Purpose- The mask hydrates, nourishes, and lifts the skin especially after exfoliating. Refines pores and helps to diminish the appearance of broken capillaries and rosacea. Use only as tolerated after laser treatments.

MULTI FRUIT ENZYME SCRUB- A powerful "acid free" exfoliating mask. Deep exfoliating containing pineapple and papaya fruit enzymes. Contains gentle, soft scrub particles that super charges the exfoliating effects without risk of ever scrubbing the skin.

Purpose- A gentle and effective, physical enzymatic skin exfoliater. Will leave the skin feeling refreshingly smooth, and free of built up dead skin on the surface and in the pores. Will help minimize acne, and help in reducing the signs of aging.

VITAMIN C CRYSTALS- A 100% pure topical vitamin C ( l-ascorbic acid) – a highly stable and absorbable antioxident with a powder-like texture that dissolves instantly into compatible HAIRFREE CLINICAL SKINCARE products. Do not mix with eye treatments.

Purpose- Effective for increasing the production of collagen and protecting the skin from future damage. While minimizing the appearance of fine lines and refining the tone and texture of the skin.

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