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By: Diallog  09-12-2011

What is Diallog’s Cellular Long Distance Service?

Diallog’s Long Distance Service allows you to make Long Distance calls from your cell phone at dramatically reduced rates.  You won’t have to change your cellular carrier, or cellular number.  What will change is your savings on Long Distance calling from your cell phone.  

What can it do for my Business?

Diallog’s Long Distance Service will significantly reduce costs associated with Long Distance calls.  Users will be able to make Long Distance calls during the day to literally any global destination without paying the exorbitant rates that cellular carriers charge.     

Here's just a few of our unbeatable Cellular Long Distance Rates

Argentina .06¢ Germany .06¢ Portugal .06¢
Austria .05¢ Greece .06¢ Puerto Rico .06¢
Australia .08¢ Hong Kong .05¢ Spain .06¢
Belgium .05¢ Hungary .06¢ Singapore .05¢
Canada .05¢ Ireland .06¢ Switzerland .05¢
China .05¢ Israel .05¢ Sweden .05¢
Czech Republic .06¢ Italy .05¢ Taiwan .05¢
Cyprus .15¢ Netherlands .06¢ United Kingdom .05¢
Estonia .06¢ Norway .06¢ United States .05¢
France .06¢ Poland .06¢ US – Virgin Islands .09¢
*For additional Long Distance rates, please call 1 888 443 3876.  
**Please note these rates are only available to businesses in the Greater Toronto Area and are subject to change.

Want to save even more on your Business' Cellular use?  
Sign up to Diallog’s
 for UNLIMITED Local, North American, and International Calling! 

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