CIBC Mellon Asset Servicing - Domestic custody

By: Cibc Mellon  09-12-2011

CIBC Mellon ensures accurate and timely movement of North American securities and investment funds through:

Efficient Settlement

CIBC Mellon has a direct, electronic interface with the Canadian Depository for Securities (CDS), which allows automatic affirmation and settlement confirmation. Our link to CDS is one of the most sophisticated in the market, providing a real time interface throughout the day.

In the U.S., we support a real-time link with the Depository Trust Company (DTC) and Federal Reserve Bank Depository. This seamless exchange of data between our system and the North American depositories gives us maximum control over the settlement process.

Contractual settlement

For clients who desire more predictability in their cash flows, we offer contractual settlement. With contractual settlement, trade instructions are complete and received within a set time frame, and cash is processed regardless of street side settlement.


CIBC Mellon provides a secure facility for the safekeeping of stocks, bonds, notes and other securities in both physical and book-based environments.

We ensure your assets are safely held and accurately recorded on our system through the regular reconciliation of our physical vault and the depositories. Internal audits of our operations are performed regularly, and an external Section 5970 audit is conducted annually.

Income Processing

We collect interest and dividends on securities under administration and offer contractual income processing on Canadian and U.S. securities.

Corporate Actions

You receive timely corporate action notices with respect to rights, warrants, conversions, name changes, stock splits and other corporate actions.

Our corporate action notification procedures focus on control and optimum turnaround of information to ensure our clients and their investment managers have the maximum possible amount of time to assess the action and submit an informed response.

CIBC Mellon acts promptly on instructions received from our clients with respect to voluntary corporate actions.

Proxy Voting

CIBC Mellon supplements our own internal proxy department with the services of leading proxy administrative agents.  We employ Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. to distribute and tally all Canadian and U.S. proxies.

Cash Management

We provide a range of cash investment alternatives to assist you in maximizing cash returns.

Market Expertise

Our North American presence is well established and we keep you informed on securities market and industry developments through regular bulletins, newsletters and publications.