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By: Chaics  09-12-2011
Keywords: Motor Vehicles, Rust Protection, Cathodic Protection


Rustopper electronic rust protection is a precision electronic device which incorporates concepts that have been in daily use giving rust protection to ocean going vessels, underground pipelines, offshore oil rigs, bridges and other large capital investments for over 18 years.we have developed a cathodic protection system that overcomes the limitations of "classical cathodic protection" making Rustopper electronic rust protection very effective on motor vehicles in atmospheric (open air) conditions!   Cathodic protection, used in its classical form, is not effective in atmospheric conditions because it relies upon an electrolyte (usually water) to surround the anode and the entire metal being protected. The electrolyte then bridges the gap between the anode and metal being protected enabling the required current to flow between the two and interfere with the rusting process.   This means "classical cathodic protection" would only be effective on a vehicle if it was either submerged in water or completely covered with some other conductive coating(electrolyte ).  

Rustopper electronic rust prevention successfully combines both Impressed Current and magnetic field technologies. The pulsating output of a voltage/current generation unit creates  magnetic field(2MHZ).It push free electron flow to anywhere on automobile body, and make free electron flow on metal interface(absolutely include any cracks, scratches, chips and other holidays located on the metal body of the automobile), thereby enhancing the flow of electrons supplied by the electronic cathodic protection system, and restrain metal of automobile electrolyzing, effectively overcomes the limitations of "classic cathodic protection" to help prevent rust on vehicles.

When the Rustopper System is turned ON, Magnetic field terminal creates magnetic field to push free electrons to flow on metal interface have a negative charge (-) compared to the Rustopper. The Free Electrons are now pulled through the steel to the Impressed Current terminal of Rustopper instead of to the negatively charged Iron Atoms (-). 

Keywords: Atmospheric Conditions, Cathodic Protection, Electronic Rust Protection, Motor Vehicles, Protection System, Rust Protection,

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