Full range of corrective and assistive medical devices, supplies and fitness products

By: Bayview North Medical  09-12-2011
Keywords: Custom Orthotics

Many of our products, when expertly specified and fitted, can speed one's return to a physically active life style or even re-conditioning for athletic competition after an injury. Injuries requiring braces, bandages, mobility or other assistive devices can vary greatly. There are literally thousands of products on the market, making it imperative that patients seek out the best informed and authoritative help. Come to us for both and for the fitting and instructions so vital to your recovery.


Ankle Braces
  • epX V-Lock Ankle Brace
  • ASO® Ankle Brace
  • Aircast Sport-Stirrup®
  • Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace
  • Aircast A60 Ankle Brace
  • TriLok Ankle Control System
  • Active Ankle T2 Brace
Foot Insoles and Orthotics
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Custom Orthopaedic Shoes/Sandals
  • Sole Arch Supports
  • Sole Platinum Sandals
  • Sorbo Heel Pads
  • Heel Spur Pads
  • Ortho-Active Arch Supports
  • Ortho-Active Metatarsal Insoles
Foot Splints & Braces
  • Aircast Walker
  • MC Walker ROM Brace
  • Corflex Night Splint
  • Foot-Drop Brace


Off-The-Shelf Knee Braces
  • epX J-Brace
  • Dynatracka Patella Stabilizer
  • Target Knee-O-Trakker
  • Donjoy Tru-Pull® Advanced System
  • ChoPat® Knee Strap
  • Winner Knee Strap
  • Levy Knee Strap
  • Kneed-It Knee Strap
  • Patellavator® Knee Orthrosis
  • Drytex® Hinged Knee
  • Donjoy Playmaker®
  • GII Paradigma
  • Donjoy Armor Knee Brace
  • Donjoy OA Everydaya
Custom Knee Braces - Ligament
  • C.Ti.2 Vapour
  • GII Paradigma
  • Donjoy Defiance® III
  • Donjoy Defiance Fource Point
  • Custom Knee Braces - OA
  • Donjoy Adjustable OA Defiance® III
  • Omni Icon Force
  • GII Adjustable OA Brace
  • Donjoy OA Lite


Wrist Braces
  • Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace
  • Premier Wrist/Thumb Spica
  • Bio-Skin Boomerang Wrist Wrap
Thumb Braces
  • Thumbster Brace
  • Bio-Skin Thumb Spica
  • Stax Finger Splints


  • Aircast Armband
  • epX Tennis Elbow Brace
  • Serola Gel Arc Elbow Brace
  • Band-It® Elbow Brace
  • MedSpec EpiGela Tennis Elbow Support
  • Donjoy Spider Pad® Elbow
  • Donjoy Elbow Guard
  • Donjoy Custom Edition Elbow


Back and Neck Supports
  • Bio-Skin Back Support
  • AlignMed Spine Scapula Stabilizer
  • Posture S'port
  • Serola SI Belt
  • Mom-Ez Pregnancy Belt
  • LumbAir Plus Lumbar Roll
  • Health Bridge Posture Device
  • High Density Foam Roll
  • Neck Traction Kit


Rehabilitative and Fitness Products
  • Theraband
  • Exercise Balls
  • Fitter Sit Disc
  • High Density Foam Rolls
  • Massage Ball
  • Pro-Stretch
  • Wobbleboard
  • Body Check Electro-Acupuncture Therapy
Post-Operative Products
  • Adjustable Crutches
  • 3-Panel Knee Immobilizer
  • Aircast Cryo-Cuff
  • ROM Braces
  • Shoulder Slings

Keywords: Custom Orthotics