Zarinmarketing: Collaborative Cross Marketing Consultants

By: Zarinmarketing  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing Campaign


Brand profiling and search services for collaborative cross marketing opportunities


We act as agents to profile, find, align, and connect brands and organizations that could benefit from joint cooperative marketing campaigns.

Upon conducting a brand interview, we create a cross marketing brand profile for your brand that then allows us to search and align your company with another brand that has similar marketing goals.

The brand profile we will create for your company provides a summary description of your brand that should quickly enable all involved understand your target market, what is your brandÂ’s offering, your brandÂ’s positioning, as well as the type and size of brands you would be open to engage in a cross marketing campaign with.

As consultants external to the organizations we represent, we are in a unique position to identify, categorize and align the various needs between our prospects without bias or conflict of interest.

Our fees are simple in structure, we charge a one time profiling fee to cover the costs of the profile interview, and a small percentage of the costs of any collaborative cross marketing campaign that transpires as a result of our introductions.

Please contact us to find out more about our unique service.

Keywords: Marketing Campaign