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By: Your Doctor Nature  09-12-2011

If you can not visit us in person because of distance or other factors, we can work with you through the internet and mail.

Based on the information we get from you, we can mail you:

  • Special herbal tea based on your symptoms;
  • Specific guidelines on nutrition based on your condition;
  • Recommendations for the detoxification detailed by day and minute;
  • DVD video with exercises for the spine and joints, pictures and detailed description;
  • DVD video and detailed instructions on special breathing exercises;
  • Specific instructions on hydrotherapy that you can do at home.

With a good webcam and high speed Internet, we will both be able to see, hear and interact with each other almost like a real in-person session.

3. Once we have arranged a date and time for your session you will make a payment for the session.

4. We will contact you through Skype 10 minutes before our session begins. We will need to make sure that you are sitting in a place where no one will distract you. Please turn off your cell phone or any other devices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • In order to help you, we need to understand your lifestyle, your personality and not just your symptoms.

  • We will guide you from the beginning until you reach your desired results.

  • The number of sessions and their type depends on the nature of your problem. Sometimes 1 or 2 sessions are enough, other cases require 4 to 7 sessions.
  • In general, each session takes place once a week in order to give time to incorporate and practice new knowledge and skills.
  • Each session is $200 and is usually 1.5 hours.
  • We accept cash, check, visa, master card and paypal.
  • Our services are covered by insurance only in Canada.
  • If you have any additional question, please Contact Us.
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