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By: York Property  09-12-2011
Keywords: Stainless Steel, Refinishing, Anodized Aluminum

- Proven architectural metal cleaning, refinishing and restoration solutions to meet the needs of our clients. -

Anodized Aluminum
Construction Cleaning

Stainless Steel
Restoration Cleaning

Painted Aluminum
Surface Preservation

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Refurbishing faded acid etched anodized aluminum panels.

Removing corrosion and rust
from oxidized stainless steel.

Restoring sun damaged, pitting and stained anodized aluminum.

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At York Property Company we perform periodic metal cleaning, maintenance, refinishing and restoration on stained and damaged anodized aluminum, painted aluminum and stainless steel architectural metal finishes to make sure that they are clean, restored and protected from damaging environmental elements.

Corrosion, generally defined, means the gradual degradation of metal surfaces. This generalization includes damaging etching, rusting, oxidizing, pitting and discoloring to anodized aluminum, painted aluminum and stainless steel extrusions, panels, cladding, siding, ground floor storefront window frames, entrance doors, sliding doors, revolving doors and balcony railings. All this damage is caused by age, chemicals, weathering and exposure to airborne and waterborne contaminants. This anodized aluminum, painted aluminum and stainless steel surface damage is evidenced by staining, oxidation, fading and bleaching.

Keywords: Anodized Aluminum, Metal Cleaning, Painted Aluminum, Refinishing, Stainless Steel,