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By: Xmg Studio  09-12-2011

The private sector and government have worked long and hard together to develop a media and entertainment industry in Toronto. Today we have world-class creative talent, first-class studio facilities, TIFF, extensive post-production services and competitive tax advantages, which together have earned us the unoriginal nickname of Hollywood North.

In his 2005 Stanford commencement address Steve Jobs told an audience of students who had just spent a small fortune on their Ivy league education that he didn’t see the value in getting a degree. He joked that his commencement address that day was the closest he had ever come to graduating. He then gave [..]

You may have heard of transmedia storytelling: a story that’s told across several different sorts of media.Transmedia doesn’t just have to be limited to a storyline though; the integration can extend to other mechanics, interactions and business models.It’s my contention that since smartphones are the most personal of computing devices, they are uniquely suited to [..]

Virtual goods are taking over the pocket gaming experience. Here at XMG, approximately two-thirds of our revenue now comes from virtual goods, up from only 10 percent a year ago. For the app industry as a whole, virtual goods easily represent half or more of the multi billion dollar annual industry revenues. The reason is [..]

From internal scrums to the Great Canadian Appathon One of the many things I love about the mobile gaming industry is its democratic nature. Anybody can join in. For example, XMG Studio has just finished running the Great Canadian Appathon. Based on the hackathon model, it’s an event that challenges contestants to start from scratch and [..]

What keeps you from having your job outsourced? That’s a question that many people are asking themselves these days. Seth Godin’s book Linchpin deals with this subject in its entirety – but we want to focus on one thing that unifies all of us – is Canadian talent competitive? We know that world-class organizations from Disney, Google, Microsoft, [..]

As of September 25, 2010 Apple reported the following in its balance sheet disclosure: $11.3 billion in cash & equivalents, $14.4 billion in short term marketable securities, $25.4 billion in long term marketable securities for a total of $51.1 BILLION dollars in cold, hard cash. So first of all where is all this cash sitting? [..]

Here is the XMG experience and thoughts thus far on making money on virtual goods. First lets look a chart from analytics firm Flurry who recently broke down sales of ads versus virtual goods.

Recently at CTIA San Francisco there was a debate on the merits of MSP7. The bear story is that Microsoft has really disappointed us in mobile in the past and that they are so way behind that its basically game over. I strongly disagree and believe in fact that MSP7 has all the right pieces [..]

Ray Sharma – The Evolution of a Mobile Games Company from XMG Studio on Vimeo.

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