By: Wuxing Martial Arts  09-12-2011

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According to Chinese tradition the first year of training gives back physical and mental vitality, the second year enhances blood circulation and nurtures meridians, the third year allows flexibility to muscles and nurtures the organs,the fourth year improves meridians and nurtures viscera, the fifth year washes the marrow and nurtures the brain.


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Sifu will give you a plethora of clues and hints to increase your effectiveness in not only your martial arts training but in your life as well. I have invited Sifu David Leopold to visit the school, he is a long time student of Sifu Helen Wu, Canada’s foremost specialist of the Fan form. I have been looking for some time for a style of yoga that would improve our flexibility for the movements of Tai Chi & kung Fu.



King Edwards Public School asked us to create a 10 week kung fu session for teens. Our goal was to empower kids who may be shy or lack confidence. This was part of the children’s success program. Here is a short clip.