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By: World Blind Union  09-12-2011
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WBU's membership is divided into four different categories as listed below.  Information on how the organization classifies its members is explained here.  The four categories include:

1. National (including Special and Grouped Membership)

National members of the WBU are countries that are approved for full national, special or grouped member status.  The delegations for each national member are comprised of organizations of and for the blind that are active at a national level in that country.

The number of delegates is determined by that country’s population and range from 2 delegates for countries of 20 million population or less to 10 delegates for countries with populations over 250 million. 

Special members are those without an active organization of blind persons and have only half the normal delegates for that country’s population.  Grouped membership is available to small countries that are related geographically and for whom grouped membership status is more practical.  For example, several islands in the Caribbean have joined as one grouped member.

Membership fees are based on the country’s socio-economic status – the WBU has four membership fee categories with annual fees per delegate ranging from $25 in the lowest income countries to $2000 per delegate in high income countries.  National members are full voting members of the WBU so long as their fees are paid.

The links below list all WBU’s current national, special, and grouped member organizations.  To find a particular member, first select the region the member belongs to (e.g. Africa or Europe).  An alphabetical list will occur, within which the particular member can be found.

2. International

In addition to our national members, the WBU has a number of international members who are involved in programs of benefit to blind and partially sighted persons at the international level.  International member fees are $2,000 per organization and each international organization is a full voting member of the WBU so long as fees are paid.

You will find a list of our current International Members by opening the link below.

3. Honorary

In addition to organizations, the World Blind Union honors individuals who made special contributions to the blind community within their region or internationally.  Honorary Life members are nominated by their country of residence and their membership is approved by the General Assembly.

You will find a list of WBU's Honorary Life Members by opening the link below.

4. Associate

Associate membership is available to individuals or organizations that don’t meet the criteria of national or international membership, but who are interested in being part of the World Blind Union.  Membership fees are $500 per year for high income countries and $100 per year for developing countries.  Associate members do not have voting rights within the WBU but may participate in WBU working groups, activities and programs.

You will find a list of our current Associate Members by opening the link below.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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