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By: Working Title Artists  09-12-2011
Keywords: Copy Writing


  • Consulting
  • Market Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Workflow Development
  • Business, systems and income development strategies
  • Art direction, Design, Photography
  • Video and Electronic Press Kit development
  • Sound Design & Production
  • Production and Promotion
  • Copy writing for bio's, reviews, strategies, proposals, letters, business plans, grants and more

  • Booking Agency

  • Developmental booking for select roster
  • Introduction to new markets
  • Tour Development & Management


  • Mailing
  • Team Integration
  • Show Advancing & Tour Preparation
  • Documents & Paperwork
  • Contact Management
  • Data collection
  • Online updates
  • Accounting
  • Personalized data management systems
  • Copywriting - bio's, onesheets, riders, presskits
  • Filing and reporting

  • Marketing / Promotion

  • Design and distribution integration
  • Creative marketing & promotional campaigns
  • Digital and physical distribution strategies
  • Project & campaign management
  • Promotional Content Development (Audio/Video/Design/Copy)

Copy writing (Bio's, reviews, press releases, business plans)

We can help build your collection of written material for general applications, promotions, publicity, business or sponsorship development.

Marketing, Promotional, Distribution, Publicity, Income and Operational Strategies

Before being able to implement a strong approach to Marketing, Promotion, Distribution, Publicity, Operational Management or Income Development the plans must be developed. WTA can develop a customized strategy in any of these categories.

Grant applications

Grant applications can be submitted based on your eligibility and collection of support material. Every grant is different, so a specific set of materials may be required. We can utilize materials you have already or help you to create the materials needed for your application to be successful.

Personalized Data Management

A system of data management is important to every company and this is critical in streamlining your ability to communicate with various sectors of the industry as well as audiences. We can help you to develop this system and improve the efficiency of your communication as it pertains to your career.

Workflow and Tracking Systems

A consistent workflow and an efficient tracking system are essential to managing the day-to-day operations of your career. WTA will customize a system of tracking and workflow management that will improve your ability to stay on top of things.

Publicity, Web Promotion and Street Promotion

With our team of professionals on the case, an effective Publicity, Web or Street Promo campaign can be developed, launched and supervised by WTA.

Event Production and Promotion

WTA assists in the production and promotion of Showcases, Concerts, Galleries and Festivals.

Creative Consultation and Art Direction

Our Creative Consultation and Art Direction will help to uncover greater potentials in the presentation of your art. Ensuring that your material is designed in such a way that is complimentary as well as recognizable will help to create consistent and professional brand awareness.


Concept, Product, Fashion, Live and Creative photography can be utilized in order to better present you material or your brand to a greater audience. We can help you find the perfect way to represent your career or project visually.

Graphic Design & Animation

A consistent visual image may include the use of a strong graphic designer. We have an incredible group of designers that are available to WTA for your campaign. The approach and design will depend entirely on your vision for your career. We will help you find the perfect person or studio for the job and oversee the progress for you.

Sound Design & Production

The recording and use of strong audio material in film, video and on the web can add great value to your project. Sound Designers and Recording Studios available to WTA can help you find exactly what you need to complete you project.

Video and EPK development

Whether it is for a music video, live performance or a short film, we can help you capture, edit and present your material in a creative and powerful way. We can help your project come to life through our strong network of professionals in Film, Video, Television and Animation.

Tour Development & Management

WTA can help you build an approach and a system for booking and self-managing a tour. Budgeting and documenting the appropriate information is just the beginning of our approach to successful tours. WTA is also available for on-the-road Tour Management.

Keywords: Copy Writing