By: Wipeout Clean  09-12-2011
Keywords: Grout, Grout Cleaning

Are you tired of mopping and just spreading the dirt around?

Are you tired of having dirt-stained grout lines that just won’t come clean?

Then let us restore your grout to the original look it had when your tile was installed!  We use low pressure steam and a mild cleaner to fully restore your tile and grout.  Our quiet operating equipment is portable and non-disruptive.  After the grout is cleaned we can apply a sealer to protect it.

Grout Cleaning Tool

Keywords: Grout, Grout Cleaning

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We use a combination of low pressure dry steam, light brushing and an environmentally friendly cleaner that dissolves the gum. Cleans from concrete, asphalt, metal, plastic and even carpet.


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Colour Matched Painting: When necessary professional and colour matched painting is essential in deterring graffiti vandals and restoring a building to its original look. We colour match and paint in a way that the color blends in with the existing surface using only the highest quality paints and primers.