By: Winners Products  09-12-2011

strategy+ having dedicated support resources around the
world is crucial to your success. Being able to react quickly
to both challenges and opportunities is crucial to keeping the
business going strong, and capitalizing on near-term opportunity.

•Dedicated local Sales Support
•Dedicated logistics manager
•Dedicated Factory engineering manager
•Dedicated, local Customer Service Solution
•A commitment to Channel Management
education+ We believe that this is one of the most important aspects of brand strategy in the retail marketplace. In today’s cluttered retail environment, consumers have myriad choices, but they are not always provided with enough information to make their purchase decision a comfortable one.

Utilizing multiple marketing touch points (Web based, Educational Take-aways, POP, Packaging) we educate consumers, and help them make an informed purchase decision. Through consumer product education (product uses, how-to and benefits) we communicate our product expertise and in turn build consumer trust.

brand management+ we have a vision and expertise for brands, a perspective of how we can properly position them in the market place and what needs to be done to create a memorable experience for the customer.

customer experience+
One of the most untapped areas of growth is the in-store brand experience. Winners recognizes the inherent challenges in dealer networks and corporate structures, so we are constantly devising new ways to work within these frameworks to drive innovation and improve the consumer experience, with the ultimate goal of gaining a customer for life.

website+ a prominent communication channel for reinforcing the brand, benefits and vision of the product. It can also provide detailed information about specific product models, retailer locations and allow consumers to purchase products online.  The website is often the first crucial handshake with new customers, and affirms trust with existing ones. It needs to instantly engage the audience, to educate and communicate key features and benefits of the product line, and ultimately inspire them to purchase the product.

point of purchase+ consumers are faced with a sea of choices when entering a retail environment.  Our challenge is to convince them that our products are the ones that they cannot live without. By providing an attractive, engaging and informative POP display, we help consumers make an informed purchase decision.

packaging+ one of the most important aspects of the brand experience, product packaging must fulfill three key roles: be attention grabbing, communicate brand name (clearly and incontrovertibly), and reinforce what the brand stands for (brand equity).  Ultimately, the packaging must make it simple for consumers and retailers to instantly recognize the package and associate it with positive benefits of the brand.