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By: Weston Mccomb  09-12-2011
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A word from the management

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Weston McComb as Associate Portfolio Administrator and invite you to adopt the Advisor Basket created and managed by his team.

National Bank Financial has developed this innovative Advisor Basket to allow clients of our investment advisor elite to draw maximum benefit from their relationship with our firm.

The Advisor Basket is a judicious selection of equity or debt securities that will form the core of your portfolio.

It will be managed on a discretionary basis by the highly qualified professional team you have come to know and trust. In their discretionary management they will be supervised by our Portfolio Management Department and by a special committee meeting quarterly to confirm that the investments of the Advisor Basket are at all times consistent with the investment policy of the basket.

Weston McComb, with his exceptional knowledge of investing and his years of experience with individual investors, is unquestionably among the elite of the profession. In offering you the Advisor Basket, he is fully equipped to provide a management service of very high quality tailored to your investing reality.

I am delighted that Weston McComb has chosen to draw your attention to this approach, which is reserved for a limited number of investment clients and advisors. I invite you to review it now, discuss it with your advisor and subscribe to it without delay if you agree with us that this vehicle can help you exploit to the fullest the potential of your investments.


Michel Falk, M.B.A., C.F.A.
Senior Vice-President and Managing Director
Portfolio Management
National Bank Financial


The McComb Portfolio

Our Portfolio is based on a value driven, bottom-up investment process. We attempt to identify companies that provide better valuations than currently available in widely held stock indices. We focus on growth and potential growth in cashflow and earnings for the stocks we invest in. The portfolio will maintain a Canadian content limit so it will always be RRSP eligible. Capital growth with reasonable risk will be the primary objective of the portfolio so for clients with balanced and conservative portfolios, cash, bonds and preferred shares will be selected in addition to the McComb Portfolio. The portfolio is designed for investors with a long term investment horizon (five years or more) The minimum investment is $25,000.00.

Investment Objective
The basket aims to offer capital appreciation to investors with an investment objective to exceed the performance of the benchmark (see investment criteria).

Investment Criteria
The maximum number of securities will be 25. The basket will be diversified through most of the sectors though overweighting will be given to sectors with more potential upside than the overall TSE. Though we do not currently hold any bonds there would be no restrictions on the credit quality of corporate bonds. We would expect to have a minimum holding period of one month.

Market Value
The minimum investment in the basket is $25,000, with additional purchases set at a minimum of $10,000.

Management Style
The management style of the basket will be one of providing capital appreciation by investing in blue chip corporations. The basket will have a minimum of 70% of the portfolio in buy and hold blue chips and a maximum of 30% in shorter-term opportunities.

Research Sources
Research for the basket will be provided by NBF in-house research, Crédit Suisse’s research and various industry publications (i.e. Financial Post, Report on Business, Barrons) , and my access to other brokerage firms’ research.

Fee Schedule
The fee structure will be 1.75% for investments of up to $200,000, and negotiable above that amount.

Asset Categories




Short-term Securities
















   United States




   Outside N. America








The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Investment Advisor, portfolio management, Stocks

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