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By: Western Tarpaulin & Company  09-12-2011

We are proud to offer installation and repair services for some of our products.

  1. Age - UV rays cause materials to weaken over time, and the fabric simply isn't strong enough to be stitched or patched.
  2. Abuse or misuse - Large rips, or holes cannot be repaired, or aren't worth repairing in most cases.

Should your tarp not be repairable, we can measure your existing tarp, and provide you with a quote for a new one if you wish. 

We offer installation of some of our products within the Greater Toronto Area.  An inspection of the site is required before we can make an estimate of installation costs.  Traveling time, equipment rentals, materials, and time on the site must all be taken into account.  Please inquire about installation when you place your order.


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