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By: Wellnessnutrition  09-12-2011

Is this the right time for nutrition counselling?

How ready are you for nutrition counselling? Read the following statements, and consider how ‘right’ they are, or feel, for you at this time in your health journey. You can interpret them in two ways.

 Score Yourself. Rank your answers to the following ten statements on a scale from 1 (least true) to 5 (most true), as they currently best represent you. Add the ten scores. If your total score is:

  • 10-20: consider waiting for a time when you will be more likely to be successful
  • 21-35: explore your readiness & options with Doug for nutrition counselling
  • 36-50: you’re ready to take the next steps to improving your health & well-being

Listen to Your Intuition. Consider each statement and note your reaction; feel the way you physically react. Does it ring true for you and affirm your sense of readiness? Or does it create doubt and discomfort? The more the statements seem true for you, the more likely you are to experience success with nutrition counselling.

1.       I have a genuine desire to go outside my comfort zone, to grow, and to change.

[Desire to change must come from within, not to please someone else]

2.       I’ll give the nutrition counsellor the benefit of the doubt and ‘try on’ new concepts or experiment with different ways of doing things.

[Unless you’re ready to consider doing something differently, and being open to a shift in perspectives, real change is unlikely]

3.       I will be open to changing the way I currently approach my diet, eating and how I see health as an investment.

4.       I am candid and open in my relationships and will have honest conversations with the nutrition counsellor.

[Counselling is a partnership that requires you to be assertive in asking for what you want and to speak up when something is not working]

5.       I am open to candid and frank feedback from my counsellor and others.

[Listening to your counsellor and others will challenge some of your long held beliefs and sensibilities. It can be uncomfortable to consider new points of view but this is necessary to move forward by over-coming self-limiting beliefs]

6.       I am willing to do the work and let the nutrition counsellor do the counselling.

[Doing the work between visits, being honest with food records, what you’ve done or haven’t done is key to identifying barriers to success]

7.       I have adequate funds and am willing to invest in nutrition counselling and will not suffer or regret the fee. I see nutrition counselling as a worthwhile investment in my present and future life and health.

[Counselling requires a willingness to make the proper financial and time investment]

8.       I have the time to invest in nutrition counselling and value my health and myself and will make nutrition counselling a priority.

[Change can take time; there are no quick fixes. Real change results from learning, practice, and feedback from the counsellor and others]

9.       I can be relied upon to be on time for all calls and appointments. I won’t cancel at the last minute or fail to show up.

[Having integrity and respecting both your, and the nutrition counsellor’s time, is paramount for a mutually satisfactory client & professional interaction]

10.     This is the right time for me to accept nutrition counselling and I have the motivation; there’s no reason for me to delay.

[Ensure the timing and the need for counselling coincide; that way you’ll have the motivation to apply what you’re learning]

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