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By: Webviews  09-12-2011
Keywords: Engineering, Project Management, control system

As a Systems Integrator we normally deliver turn-key solution to our customers. We would use the EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction – approach to deliver well tested engineered solutions and  systems to our customers. In the course of any project we may undertake some or all of the followings:

WebViews Engineering services for various industrial complexes may include the following key services:

Feasibility study

The goal of the feasibility study is to ensure that the planned project will have adequate technical alternative solution with the maximum return on investment. The Feasibility report, in addition to meeting the alternative solution to the technical requirements must satisfy both the customer’s financial restraints and at the same time the economic criteria of return on investment.

Basic & Detail Design

WebViews has the experience and expertise to perform the basic and/or detail engineering required for projects ranging from small expansion or simple modification of small plants to the design of large scale sophisticated complexes.

The engineering services offered for any particular project may include, depending on the nature and the extent of it’s contract, the execution of any one or combination of the following activities and services:

  • Process simulation
  • Process flow diagram
  • Plant layout
  • Plant location, route selection & survey
  • Piping & Instrument diagrams
  • Pipeline alignment sheets
  • Flow & Instrument diagram
  • Corrosion & Cathodic protection studies
  • Safety & Fire prevention
  • Material & Equipment specification
  • Equipment selection
  • Telecommunications within the plant battery limit
  • Control system studies and operating and control philosophy
  • Construction drawings for civil, structure, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation and control works.
  • Isometric drawings
  • Review, amend, correct and approve shop drawings
  • Construction specification, test diagrams
  • Operating and maintenance manuals
  • Equipment manuals

Tendering and Contract Management Services

Preparation of tender documents and contract award administration forms another crucial area of TSi’s consulting services. The long, exacting and often tedious tendering procedures, bid evaluation, negotiations and selection of qualified contractors require a competent legal-technical team. WebViews is particularly qualified to work closely with through this process and provide a complete quality suite of services.

Project Management Services

At the heart of any successful project delivered on time and within the allocated budget is an effective project management team and well established project planning and control processes and practices. Many projects have gone astray because of the lack of proper planning than any other reason, resulting in delays and increased costs. Complex scheduling requirements of large scale projects are indeed intended to ensure effective project delivery, on time installation and problem-free commissioning as well as on time contract payments.

WebViews’ competent project management team and project and program management best practices and systems ensures that, we plan and control all aspects of the complex project prior to its beginning up to its delivery and post delivery audit. Our team processes not only the critical path theory, optimization methods and others monitoring techniques, but has the tools and practices to exercise these in the course of the project life cycle.  At WebViews, efficient programming systems and pragmatic attitudes are combined to develop realistic programs for projects.

Procurement and Expediting Services

Procurement services can be provided in several forms and degrees, depending on the client’s requirements. The simplest form is to prepare material specification and request for quotation when the client provides all subsequent activities. However, WebViews is capable of providing complete material procurement & material handling services.

Supervision of Design and Construction

For turn-key projects, where contractor is usually responsible for the detail engineering, WebViews can assist client by providing a team of experts to supervise the design work on his behalf, before such work is approved by the client.

Furthermore, for the construction/erection phase of projects, WebViews’s technical staff can perform supervisory and management functions independently or in cooperation with the client’s personnel.

The size and composition of supervisory teams depend on the nature of projects and the requirements of clients. WebViews will initially designate an experienced and competent construction manager to discuss such requirements with the client before the supervisory team is put together. Thereafter immediate action will be taken to phase-in the planned project staff in order to ensure effective supervision of the works.

Start up and Commissioning

WebViews can provide the required personnel for the start-up and commissioning phase of projects. They normally arrive at the job-site shortly before construction is completed to undertake the following:

  • Check if the plant is completed based on process drawings
  • Check each system to make sure that it is properly installed
  • Check all test records to verify that all systems have been properly tested
  • Ensure that all supplementary equipment and supporting services and utilities are completed
  • Check the operating conditions to ensure that the entire system is ready to be commissioned
  • Verify that safety provisions are duly observed and the proper equipment are available in good operating condition
  • Plan and supervise the pre commissioning tests
  • Plan and supervise the commissioning operations and advise corrective measures when required
  • Train the operating personnel in the start up and commissioning procedures so that each individual is familiarized with his job and responsibilities.
  • Assist the operating personnel in commissioning of each system in an orderly and efficient manner

Keywords: control system, Engineering, Project Management

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