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By: Webviews  09-12-2011

WebViews Borderless Business On Demand Services and solutions enables corporations, institutions and government agencies to operate their e-commerce, e-business and other on-line application services in their own language, while their customers and users receive these services tailored to their own jurisdiction, culture, and most importantly, language around the world.

These services assist its subscribers and users to rapidly localize their e-business to multitude of languages, establish an interactive and borderless messaging facility, transact, fulfill and support their customers around the globe in their languages without changing a thing or hiring and additional individual! In short, WebViews Borderless Business solutions and services enable organizations to operate locally and at the same time cross the borders of language, culture and jurisdiction, and conduct a truly Borderless Business around the globe.

WebViews understands the significance of delivery of international services and products to global markets and the importance of choosing the right localization partner for mission critical undertakings.  In order to provide outsourced and on demand high quality Borderless Business services, Webviews has developed an advanced highly automated flexible localization environment (The Factory on the Web™) enabling Webviews to provide such unparalleled services around the globe. Regardless of the business you are in and technologies you employ; you can depend on WebViews for the dynamic and timely delivery of your high quality Borderless Business services around the world and in all languages you need.

Web Localization & Internationalization Solutions

Application Localization & Internationalization

Document Translation & Localization

Globalized contact Centre Solution

Success Stories

1. Globalization of e-business infrastructure & Localization website content for a major Government Department
2. Globalization of e-business & website for a major Manufacturing Organization
3. Design, Development and implementation of Web-based Clinic Reservation & Scheduling System for a Major Canadian Care Provider
4. Development and Implementation of a globalized e-business and corporate web site for a major US Portal Services company
5. Globalization and implementation of US municipal Government Web Site
6. Globalization & localization of a Financial Services corporate web site
7. Globalization & localization of New York’s Victim’s web site
8. Globalization & localization of major publisher’s export portal
9. Globalization & localization of major Government Export bank web site
10. Globalization & Localization of mobile banking systems corporate web site

Partial Corporate Client List

• Advance Magazine Group
• Agriculture Canada
• AGOCO Oil company (Libya)
• American Express Publishing Corp
• American Legion Magazine
• Allied Signal Canada
• Alcatel Canada Inc.
• Bank of Montreal
• Crain Communications, Inc.
• Curtco Robb Media
• Canada Post Corporation
• CIBC Wood Gundy, Investment Bank
• Citizenship & Immigration Canada
• Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
• Cigna Health Care (USA)
• Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada
• Deloitte Consulting (Canada)
• Environment Canada
• Forbes Inc.
• Gruner + Jahr USA
• Government of Ontario, Canada
• Heritage Canada
• Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.
• Hewlett Packard Canada Ltd.
• Hachette-Filipacchi Magazines, Inc.
• Hearst Magazines
• IBM T. J. Watson Research Laboratories (New York, USA)
• Industry Canada
• Insurance Advisory Organization
• Japan Export Trade Organization (JETRO)
• L.V. Lomas Distribution Company
• Magazine Publishers of America (New York, USA)
• Media Credit Association (New York, USA)
• Meredith Corporation
• Ministry Of Solicitor General and
Correctional Services, Ontario, Canada
• Mayne Nickless Limited (Loomis Courier)
• National Journal Group
• Natanz Steel Industries Inc.
• Nokia Telecommunications (Finland)
• Pace Communications, Inc.
• Primedia Group of companies
• St. Lawrence Cement Inc. (Montreal Canada)
• Time Inc.
• Thomas Global Register (USA)
• TV Guide Publishing Group
• Ziff-Davis Media

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