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By: Wc Music Research  09-12-2011
Keywords: decision support, Genetic Testing, Genomic Medicine

The Power of Personalized Medicine

The Genomic Medicine Network

The DNA Direct Genomic Medicine Network (GMN) enables cost-effective integration of genomic medicine into clinical care by offering hospitals and medical centers:

  • A co-branded web-enabled portal that informs and guides patients and physicians about a variety of genetic testing areas
  • Access to genetic experts in all major specialties who provide pre- and post-test decision support. These experts help determine test appropriateness and provide clear and actionable interpretation of results.
  • Collaboration between physicians nationwide to share best practices, clinical experiences and expertise
  • Continuing education and training

The GMN provides information and interactive decision support tools for over 50 genetic testing areas, representing specialties such as reproductive planning, oncology, infectious disease, drug response, and others.

Personalized medicine and genetic services are essential components of progressive, forward-thinking institutions. The services provide hospitals with an opportunity to differentiate their themselves in the market and drive downstream revenue. As forward thinkers focused on innovation, GMNs can leverage personalized medicine and take their place as leaders in genomics.

Keywords: decision support, Genetic Testing, Genomic Medicine

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