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Dedicated Home theatre Rooms & Multi-Function Rooms We cover all aspects of the home theatre system including electronics, equipment, design, construction and acoustics. If you are looking to achieve the ideal viewing and listening environment then you have come to the right place.
Whole-House Music Systems Pipe music from a single stereo to every room in the house.Of all the electronic amenities you can choose for your home, one of the most enjoyable is a whole-house music system. Able to distribute tunes from one stereo system to multiple speakers located in multiple areas, this system eliminates the need for many separate stereos and offers a convenient way to manage a growing library of music. At the press of a button, you can hear your favourite CDs, radio programs and satellite music stations just as if you were standing in front of the family room stereo.In addition to being convenient to use, a whole-house music system can help make any occasion seem much more special. For example, during a casual get-together with friends, the system could play a compilation of '80s tunes. When your guests leave, it could switch over to classical music. Even cleaning and cooking seem more enjoyable when accompanied by music.Also appealing is the fact that you can access and control several music sources and play them simultaneously in different rooms without sacrificing audio quality. For example, while you relax to a few jazz CDs in the master bedroom, your kids can still play their favourite rock station in the rec room.
Home Automation Lighting Systems One LiteTouch keypad can take the place of up to nine dimmers and switches. Each button can be both an on/off and a dimmer switch. Any button can be programmed to control any light, device or system, or combination of lights, devices inside or outside the house.
Crestron System Operation Crestron lets you indulge in luxury with a single press of a button. Imagine with just a touch the lights dim, the shades close, the plasma TV turns on and your favourite movie begins.All you need is the popcorn and soda. Imagine your window treatments are programmed to adjust at pre-set times to reduce glare and protect delicate fabrics and fine art from harmful direct sunlight. Imagine at night the hallway lights automatically illuminate as you walk by.

Closed Circuit Cameras and Monitoring DVR We use only the latest and fastest technology when it comes to digital surveillance.

Keywords: Home Theatre, Lights, stereo