How Does It Work? « Waterproof Masters

By: Waterproof Masters  09-12-2011

How Does It Work? « Waterproof Masters

In the presence of water, the components which make the concrete  triggers a chemical reaction under the catalyst of active substances and reproduces crystalline along the cracks, which blocks the passages of water, inhibiting the water leakage and achieving waterproofing/anti-corrosion properties.

The active substance contained in the crystalline is successfully able to permeate into the cracks and pours of the concrete.The chemicals penetrate into the capillary tracts of the concrete.

The active ingredients of the products reacts with various concrete materials, forming insoluble crystals which fill out cracks and pores.

Water and other chemicals are no longer able to pass through the concrete. However, air can still pass, allowing concrete to breathe and avoiding vapour pressure to build.

In the absence of further moisture, the products components lie dormant.

Should moisture recur at anytime, the sealing process resumes automatically and advances deeper into the concrete continuously sealing itself.

Application is applied by trained technical personnel.

The curing time is 24 hours.

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Advantages « Waterproof Masters

Crystalline Waterproofing actually becomes an integral part of the concrete, therefore should not be confused with a sealer, thus forming a complete body of strength and durability. Our crystalline Waterproofing system therefore offers the following benefits. Penetrates into the concrete surface filling cracks and capillary tracts. Provides permanent waterproofing and chemical resistance properties.


Products « Waterproof Masters

While traditional techniques treat only the surface of the concrete, are costly and don’t last indefinitely, our systems provides a permanent solution. Unlike epoxy or urethane injections, our crystalline waterproofing process cannot crack, tear, separate or fail do to movement. Our crystalline waterproofing material is non toxic and is used as a surface coating. Revolutionary waterproofing solution for concrete structures.


Where Is It Used? « Waterproof Masters

Around the world, from subway stations to swimming pools; from bridge structures to every kind of foundation;from power stations to water treatment plants, and much more, it’s a long, exciting, and constantly evolving list. Hydroelectric power stations, nuclear plants, etc.


Why Crystalline « Waterproof Masters

All our products are Non Toxic causing no damage to the human body and no pollution to the environment. Resists carbonization and corrosion of other acids gases and acid water, chlorides, sulphates etc. Can be applied on either side of a concrete surface (negative or positive water pressure side). Application of crystalline on your projects offers the following types of benefits.


Services « Waterproof Masters

Our interior waterproofing and crack repair service, is a cement based crystalline product, which bonds and becomes an intrigue part of the concrete. Our patent pending 7 LAYER exterior waterproofing system provides our clients with the ultimate waterproofing protection. Waterproof Masters provides waterproofing services for the Residential.