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By: Vortex Fuel Saver  09-12-2011
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The number one reason to purchase a Vortex Fuel Saver system is to save money.  The percentage increase in miles per gallon can vary tremendously, however, a typical savings is in the 10-25% range, so we have used 15%.  The price at the pump also varies widely and changes frequently; for calculations purposes we have used $3.00 per gallon.  The EPA fuel mileage estimates have been fairly stable for the past decade at around 21 miles per gallon.  However, these rating do not reflect real world driving estimates, and in fact, in 2008, the EPA is changing the way the estimated miles per gallon are calculated.  It is anticipated that most car models will see a 10% decrease in estimated miles per gallon, and for vehicles with better fuel economy the decrease is expected to be in the 20-30% range.  For calculation purposes, we have assumed 20 miles per gallon, or a reduction of less than 5% for the 2008 estimates versus the 2007 EPA estimates.  Driving your vehicle for 60,000 miles, you would save $1350.Therefore, the anticipated increase in fuel mileage of 15% times a typical 60,000 miles driven while owning your vehicle would result in getting 9000 miles "free" by using a Vortex Fuel Saver system.  Obviously, there are a number of variables involved and your actual results could be better or worse than these estimates.


Hydrocarbons, nitrous oxides and  carbon monoxide are generally reduced by 50-99%, after the stabilization period.  INCREASE HORSEPOWER

Some of the extra energy created by the Advanced Combustion TechSM results in increased horsepower, typically ranging from 5-15%.  You can still get high octane performance by buying low octane fuel.


Accumulated carbon and varnish buildup in your engine is removed by the Vortex Fuel Saver system which is why we strongly suggest an oil change after three tanks of gas (the Stabilization Period).  The system will dissolve the corrosion and scale build-up in the head, cylinder cooling jackets, radiator and heater.Your oil will last longer so you can go longer between oil changes after the Stabilization Period.  The system will prevent scale build up and corrosion in your engine.  Your engine will also last longer with fewer repairs.


You will get quicker starts, extra pep and a smoother ride when operating your vehicle.  Diesel engines will experience less congealing of fuel in cold weather.  With a Transmission Protector upgrade, you can also protect the life of your automatic transmission.

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Keywords: engine, Fuel Saver, oil changes, vehicle