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By: Volante Systems  09-12-2011
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Volanté Point-Of-Sale Product Advantages

Many restaurant POS & hospitality POS software solutions available today were written a decade ago, based upon technology a generation old. They share a lot of common problems. Their systems are not very stable, flexible, secure, or scaleable and thus do not grow along with your business.

These point-in-time systems also rely on a dedicated server(s) or network. This results in a single point of failure. To get around this problem, external exception handling routines are created to mitigate any disruption. However, data integrity is never guaranteed when services are restored and the processes involved in recovery can be expensive.

During the past decade, a new generation of technology in computing has arisen. Technology is not limited to the introduction of new hardware or application feature sets alone; it is also related to new systems enabling technologies. This results in the development of a common technological
infrastructure that can be delivered in an understandable, supportable and cost effective manner.

These enabling technologies, related to distributed object and network design philosophies, programming languages, operating environments and file handling systems etc., contribute to infrastructure standardization.

Volanté has been built around open standards to keep both costs down and integration seamless.

Volanté is cross-platform compatible (Windows/Linux/Unix) and operates in mixed environments with the greatest degree of fault tolerance and data integrity, and does this as transparently as possible for the user.

With these new technological developments, a restaurant POS software system could now be built solving many of the problems and limitations that previously existed. With these very deliberate goals in mind and careful selection of technology, Volanté Systems was developed.

Volanté is not a point in time system. Businesses evolve and grow, and so should the POS system that runs the business.

To ensure that your business investment decisions are not limited by your POS software choice, Volanté offers a truly open system. No longer is your software tied to the hardware platform or even the operating system, Volanté is able to run in most commercially used operating environments.

Hardware choices can now be correctly based on budgets and not upon the use of proprietary software systems. Some users prefer the ease of Windows and some require the stability, reliability and cost advantage of Linux. Volanté allows the freedom to choose either platform or even the flexibility of choosing both. When your business grows and your platform requirements change, Volanté is transparent to your decisions.

Volanté is specifically designed to evolve along with technological advancement. Embedded in the architecture is a small footprint upgrade system. As your business expands and restaurant or hospitality POS technology advances, this feature allows your system to stay current and take advantage of the latest technology. This ensures your system will not be obsolete and will continue to grow along with the expansion of your business.

Volanté understands that your system cannot cause your business to halt. Servers go down, networks disconnect, and these events can happen at any given time. Volanté was designed to operate without any of these components.

Not basing the system on the traditional Server/Client model, Volanté uses the power of distributed computing with peer to peer technology.

Peer to peer decentralizes the responsibilities customarily given to the server and distributes the task among the peers. All clients have the ability to publish services and instead of requesting a server to perform work, clients can request the work to be done by any of its peers. Thus a server is not even required for normal client operations.

Polling data involves selecting proper data then storing it in some sort of format. The data is then transferred using a protocol to a centralized location and stored. A process then retrieves the data on the server, interprets it and extracts it to a database.

There are many different steps involved in data polling, meaning there are many steps where a problem can occur. Data is too important for any problems to occur. Volanté steps into the future with Data Synchronization.

Data Synchronization eliminates all the steps of the middle layer by enabling databases to talk directly to each other. A single connection from Database 1 to Database 2 is established and outstanding data is sent asynchronously between them. Establishing a connection is a one step process thus eliminating any problems that can occur in-between.

Traditionally a designated server is used to consolidate data. However a server is a single point of failure. Volanté solves the problem by creating Dynamic Synchronization Points to store consolidated data. Synchronization Points can be dynamically defined at any time on any or all designated host computers or client terminals.

A designated Synchronization Point can on demand, request data from the clients to be synchronized at anytime. No more need of mirroring the server with a backup. Some data can be lost as the backup is not usually mirrored in real time. Synchronization points retrieve data from the source on demand. So No Backup, No Problem!

Technology has found a way to solve many of the problems and limitations that have existed historically in restaurant & hospitality POS software and application systems design.

Volanté has taken full advantage.

Keywords: hospitality POS, pos software, pos system, restaurant pos

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