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By: Volante Systems  09-12-2011
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Volanté POS System Introduction

How can you be tomorrow’s leader with yesterday’s technology? Discover the most powerful, reliable and easy to use Point-of-Sale System ever !

Volanté presents the next generation in POS systems. Developed from the ground up with state of the art technology, you can be sure that Volanté will meet your demands today and well into the future.

Simple to use, yet extremely powerful, Volanté’s versatile engine gives you power at your fingertips. Whether it be changing a menu item or reformatting the layout on corporate reports, our engine gives you the flexibility to customize details to your liking. With exceptional management capability, excellent ordering features, powerful reporting abilities and superior redundancy management, Volanté offers a comprehensive POS solution designed to raise the level of your business operation.

State of the Art Technology

Volanté is developed entirely in Java. Java, is hailed as the next generation development platform. Its highly object- and network- oriented nature makes it an excellent choice for a complex hospitality environment.

Java is also considered the new language of the Internet. Volanté thus seamlessly integrates your business to use the powerful features of the Internet.

Furthermore, Java is a platform independent language, meaning that Volanté will run on the operating system of your choice. (Windows 2000/XP, Unix, Linux)

Fail-safe Data Protection

Volanté leads the POS industry with its innovative Redundancy Management System. Once data is entered into the system, its integrity is immediately protected. With other POS systems, server failure leads to an entire system crash, bringing your business to a grinding halt.

However, Volanté’s unique implementation allows all terminals to be connected yet function independently, ensuring that your business will continue to run smoothly in the event of a terminal or server failure. Few, if any, POS systems on the market today can offer this “fault tolerant” solution for your business.

Open Database Connectivity

Using the latest in database technology, Volanté is fully ODBC compliant allowing connection to any SQL based database server. This gives you the option of choosing the database server, ensuring that you will get optimum performance, reliability and scalability for your business needs.

Since SQL is the industry standard in database development, you can be sure that Volanté can be easily integrated with third party applications.

Fast Accurate & Easy to Use

Developed using state of the art graphics technology, the Volanté system offers an attractive and extremely easy to use interface. Gone are the block like, ugly graphics of other POS systems which come with steep learning curves taking weeks to decrypt all the information on screen.

With Volanté, everything is displayed in an intuitive and appealing manner allowing you to get all the information you need with just a glance at the screen.

Graphical Table Management

Volanté features a powerful and flexible table management system. Because every restaurant is different, Volanté allows you to design your layout according to your needs.

In the dynamic restaurant environment, being able to change your floor plan on the fly is a necessity.

Need to add a new table? How about splitting or merging tables for those busy nights? No problem. With Volanté, all this can be done on the fly, at any terminal, in seconds.

Menu Programming

Volanté’s comprehensive menu design tool will allow you to create your menus quickly and effortlessly. Does your restaurant have a large menu selection?

Unlike other POS systems that force you to fit your menus into their limited layout, Volanté’s open hierarchical menu structure gives you the ability to add as many entries to your menus as you please. No matter how simple or complex your menus are, you can be sure that with Volanté, there are no limits.

Clear & Concise Reporting

Volanté offers a full reporting suite to aid in your management decision-making. The suite is designed to provide a clear insight into all aspects of your business.

All the information you need is generated in real time, with meaningful graphs, quickly and easily.

Tailored summary reports gives you the ability to view only the information you want to see. This means you can spend less time trying to find information and more time managing your business.

Employee Management

No tedious data entry is required and everything is presented by our intuitive graphical chart system allowing you to better visualize your work force's performance. The additional ability to assign multiple job positions and pay rates to your employees provides the flexibility needed for the dynamic working environment. Volanté fully customizable security features give you complete control over each individual employee's access to your system for absolute protection and total peace of mind.

Credit Card Authorization

Volanté offers an automated credit card authorization module. The module is compatible with most credit card providers and payment networks. Credit card authorization can be used at any terminal providing a convenient all-in-one solution.

Wireless POS and Wireless Mobile Computing Solutions

Volanté POS systems has revolutionized the industry in a creative and innovative way. By using PC notebooks (not much bigger then a hand held) the entire POS software is loaded on the unit and it runs as a terminal with peer to peer, data synching etc. PDA's do not work in this manner- they require writing to the unit (in other words, new code, separate product) plus they're not robust enough for Food and beverage. Volanté has evolved it's software into the , and now POS software can be loaded onto a small wireless notebook with amazing results. And because Volanté POS software is written in pure Java, it's real time as well.

The technology is revolutionary - nobody else can do what Volanté is doing.

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Peer to Peer Point of Sale System from Volante POS Systems

Those customers who wish to customize the software to their operations or to develop new features or modules can get these services through Volanté. Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Custom Training Courses are available to assist your organization. We are committed to helping our customers and partners rapidly deploy the Volanté. Evaluation of our POS and Property Management software and hardware options.


Restaurant POS, Hospitality POS and Database Management from Volanté

These enabling technologies, related to distributed object and network design philosophies, programming languages, operating environments and file handling systems etc., contribute to infrastructure standardization. All clients have the ability to publish services and instead of requesting a server to perform work, clients can request the work to be done by any of its peers.


School POS, Cafeteria POS from Volanté POS Systems

Developed in accordance with the Free and Reduced Lunch Program of The National School Lunch Program, a federally assisted meal plan operating in public and non profit private schools and residential child care institutions. Consequently, with Volanté?s advanced architectural design, coupled with its platform independence open database flexibility, the user?s technological investment is protected now and well into the future.