Volante Enterprise POS System A Recipe For Success For Es Teler 77

Volante Enterprise POS System A Recipe For Success For Es Teler 77 from Volante POS Systems

By: Volante POS Systems  08-07-2011
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Es Teler 77 is nothing short of a restaurant phenomenon. Starting from the humblest of beginnings with one stall in the parking garage of a Jakarta Indonesia shopping mall, Es Teler 77 now boasts of 180 stores in four countries.

It all started in the early 1980’swhen a lady by the name of Murniati Widjaja won first prize and became the champion in a cooking competition to make es teler, one of Indonesia’s favorite drinks. Es teler is a traditional Indonesian beverage consisting of coconuts, avocados, jackfruits, syrup and milk.  This inspired Murniati Widjaja, along with her son Sukyatno Nugroho and his family to open their first stall in the parking terrace of a local shopping center in central Jakarta, with es teler being its specialty. Thus the name ES TELER 77, with “77” being added as a lucky number. ES TELER 77 later became the company’s trademark.  When it first started, Es Teler 77 was just a small vendor in an ordinary tent with only five employees.

The family worked hard, operating the stall themselves. They often worked 16-hour days, which started early each morning with the trek to the local market looking for fresh ingredients. Their mission: to serve quality, original Indonesian cuisine with only the freshest of local ingredients. The business thrived, which motivated the family to finally move inside the mall. Further growth came quickly after Es Teler 77 made history by becoming the very first Indonesian franchise opportunity in 1987. The business now operates under the name PT Top Food Indonesia and has over 1200 employees across Indonesia.                                                  

Whereas Es Teler 77 excelled and their presence continued to grow in the Indonesian restaurant industry, their IT infrastructure, on the other hand, was seriously lacking.  Says Andrew Nugroho, grandson of Murniati Widjaja and Director for Business Development for PT Top Food, “we hired a couple of IT consultants who said they could develop a point of sale system that would fulfill our needs. It had all the basic features, but when we started connecting a number of POS terminals in different stores to the server in the head office, things got really messy. We couldn’t synchronize data. Some data was missing. We had network jams. It was obvious that we needed to find a system that was proven, reliable and worked well in a big network.” As well, the stores were using Linux as an operating system, but PT Top Food’s head office was using a Windows server for the enterprise module. Therefore, it was imperative that the new system was cross platform compatible.

The search began for a reliable enterprise system that could address these issues and more.  Other POS systems are available in Indonesia, but when it came to connecting many different POS terminals to the network, Es Teler 77 always encountered problems. Nugroho started searching for systems outside of Indonesia, and discovered Canadian based Volante Systems Enterprise POS.  The company quickly became intrigued with Volante, and Nugroho flew to Toronto to observe the system in action at Woodbine Entertainment’s Mohawk Racetrack.  Woodbine operates racetracks, a casino and food and beverage operations and has Volante installed in all their various venues (club, casual and fine dine, cafeteria and quick service), numbering some 200+ registers in a mixed Linux / Windows enterprise topology.

“When the Volante team took me to see how the system being used at Woodbine racetrack, I knew that it was something that we were looking for.” Says Nugroho. “I saw hundreds of POS terminals, in different restaurant concepts. I realized that if the race was on, all those POS terminals would be running at the same time, with hundreds of transactions being typed in all at once. I asked if they had ever experienced a system halt, and they said no. I knew then that the system was robust.”

To Es Teler 77, system reliability was vital. According to Nugroho, in Indonesia Internet connections can be very unreliable. With the previous system, if the connection suddenly dropped, the synchronizing process would have to be restarted. With so many stores in the Es Teler 77 chain, data synchronization became an endless process and reports were never received in time. “Even when we finally got the reports,” says Nugroho, “our accounting team had to recheck everything to make sure that no data was missing. Now, with Volante, they don’t have to do that anymore.”

This is because Volante is not based on the traditional Server/Client model. Volante’s peer-to-peer system is designed to allow all terminals to work independently, ensuring continuous operations even in the event of a network or host computer failure. Peer-to-peer decentralizes the responsibilities customarily given to the server and distributes the task among the peers. All clients have the ability to publish services and instead of requesting a server to perform work, clients can request the work to be done by any of its peers. Thus a server is not even required for normal client operations. Volante’s advanced data synchronization capability and transactional consistency is maintained on all terminals at all times. The result is maximum system availability. This feature makes Volante unique in the point of sale industry.

In addition to system reliability, Volante offered Es Teler 77 a full data-reporting suite. The suite is designed to provide a clear insight into all aspects of operations, with filtered data reported whenever necessary, all accessed on demand, in real time, both quickly and easily.

In respect to Enterprise, Volante gives Es Teler 77 the ability to make universal based changes to many locations at once.  This has worked well for the company as they offer both fast/casual and full service dining within the chain.  “In the full service restaurants we have more products.” Nugroho explains. “We have different promotional programs for those concepts. For example, in the fast food restaurants we have a combo menu, but not in our full service restaurants. We also have three different levels of pricing.  With Volante, this can all be managed now by one administrator in our head office.” 

Nugroho was also impressed with how Volante’s developers responded to a need for customization within the system.  Volante, like Es Teler 77, is always evolving.  When Nugroho showed the Volante team Es Teler 77’s unique combo menu, they noticed right away that is was very different to what one usually sees in North America. For instance, when a customer chooses one of the many combos, that customer also has the option of buying additional items at a lower price point than if they were purchased without the combo. This pricing differential was something Es Teler 77 was unable to manage effectively with their previous POS system. The Volante development team, however, quickly came up with a solution that allowed Es Teler 77 to manage the many combos and pricing structures easily.  The result is a better and quicker customer service experience and increased profits for the restaurant due to the opportunity for cashiers to up-sell.

The Volante team also helped Es Teler 77 connect the system to their call center, which handles all delivery orders.  An Indonesian Telecom runs the call center, and Volante developers talked directly to the Telecom’s programmers, assisting them in getting the call center’s software to communicate with the Volante POS system.  Now all food orders, whether they are dine-in or take-out, are handled seamlessly by Volante.

Es Tele 77 currently has Volante installed in 40 stores, with plans to have the system installed in 50 stores within a month.  Future plans are to install Volante in each of the chain’s 180 restaurants, and to explore Volante’s customer relationship management/loyalty program features as well as its promotional capabilities. Es Teler 77 is also looking at the installation of Volante in the restaurants’ drive through operations, the concept of which is currently in development.

Says Andrew Nugroho, “choosing Volante Systems’ software is the best IT related decision we have made. The software has become a very important tool in our company. Its robustness has given us peace of mind. Its customer relationship management features can give us a competitive edge over our competitors. It shows our franchisees that we have the right infrastructure to have things under control over a large network of stores. Best of all, Volante Systems is run by a very nice and approachable group of people. Although we are located a few continents away from Volante ‘s head office, with their prompt support, it has never felt that way.”

It seems that with Volante Systems Enterprise POS, Es Teler 77 has found another recipe for success.

For more information, visit www.volantesystems.com

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