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By: Vitaid  09-12-2011

The EZ-IO® Intraosseous Infusion system is a complete solution for immediate vascular access in all patients larger than 3 kg. Used an estimated 600,000 times across the world the EZ-IO® is the leading choice for intraosseous access in all care environments from the ambulance to the hospital to battlefield and beyond, the EZ-IO® system is designed to help the medical professional gain vascular access in seconds to provide intravenous therapy to patients.

The intraosseous space is a specialized area of the vascular system where blood flow is rapid and continues even during shock. Drugs and fluids infused via the intraosseous route reach the central circulation as quickly as those administered through standard IV access.

EZ-IO® is an alternative to failed emergency IV access.

EZ to use, EZ to train and EZ to maintain the EZ-IO® is the clear choice of intraosseous solution for medical professionals and the best method to gain immediate vascular access…when you need it most


Vitaid distributes Vidacare® EZ-IO® products in Canada only.  If you are outside this area, please contact Vidacare at:


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Its design was inspired by observations made during two decades of clinical use of the LMA Classic ™, LMA Fastrach ™, and LMA ProSeal ™ worldwide. With its integrated drain tube and verifiable placement, the LMA Supreme ™ is an even more effective alternative. The LMA Supreme ™ is the best solution to problems which may occur when the patient ™s breathing is at stake.