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By: Vistek  09-12-2011
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Vistek Value Added service.

You always get our value-added service when you have your computer serviced at Vistek. This includes internal cleaning of your computer
as well as external cleaning of the case and display. Recommendation evaluation report includes diagnostic report, and a performance report that evaluates your hard drive storage and memory for best efficiency. You will also receive a verbal review with the technician as well as
a follow-up call to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Apple certified technicians perform warranty repairs on all desktop and notebook computers. They are generally prepared to perform a same day evaluation for any hardware or software issue that you may experience. Our library of advanced diagnostics aids us in quickly determining the fault. The turnaround time can be as short as one day if a part order is required. Please note that software issues are generally not covered by Apple Warranty unless authorized by Apple.

Our Apple Certified technicians perform out of warranty repairs to all models. We will troubleshoot both hardware and software problems and get you going quickly. Most replacement parts are purchased directly from Apple and are guaranteed for 90 days. Some substitute parts are available to reduce repair costs.

Rates: Estimates Charges $42.50 | Repair rates $85/hr in shop | Repair rates $125.00/ hr on-site

Ensure that your Apple computer runs with peak performance by purchasing Vistek’s preventive maintenance program. Our Apple certified technician will come to your location and perform a system diagnostic, evaluation and tune-up. This includes a clean-up of potential problems on your hard drive. Have your operating system analyzed  to remove any corrupted file structures that can cause system crashes. We will report on and perform any O/S and application updates as required. An evaluation of your workflow and data structure will be performed in order to advise you of any recommendations to improve productivity. We will evaluate you data backup procedure and ensure that you are protected from the discouragement of data loss. Then take advantage of a one on one training opportunity with our technician and learn to use and understand O/S features to your benefit. An internal cleaning of any harmful excess dust to prevent overheating and power failures will complete the process. We leave you with a detailed summary report which includes any recommendations to enhancement or update your system.  

Rates: $120.00 / hr on-site min 2 hrs | $85.00 / hr in-shop

A complete monitor calibration and profiling solution will be provided by our technicians on-site.
Using the latest calibration equipment we will provide a profile that will leave you with the true colour reproduction that you expect.
Save on a monitor calibration when you purchase a computer and monitor at Vistek. We will pre-calibrate your monitor and install the profile
ready to use when you pick up your computer.

Rate: $200.00 on-site | $85.00 in shop

Have your Medium to Large format printer installed on-site by one of our certified technicians. We’ll prep and install, configure and test your printer on your computer with the latest drivers and applications. This is generally a two-hour process that can include personal training by our technician
to insure you understand the operation of your printer to get that accurate image reproduction.

Rates: On-Site $120/ hr min 2 Hrs

Sit down with one of our Apple Certified technicians and get answers to all your questions. With our help you can take advantage of operating system features that will make you more productive. From updating your computer to configuring it for backups we will show you the step-by-step procedure to get it done. We’ll include a tune-up and evaluation of your applications and provide our printed recommendations to minimize downtime.
Need us on-site? We’ll come right to your door! Simply call us to book an appointment.

Rates: $85.00 / hr in-shop | $125.00/ Hr on-site

Schedule an on-site evaluation by our certified Apple Technician. Our tech is trained on the main industry photo applications and understands the work flow processes that today’s studios use. Receive recommendations for system improvement to enhance your operations. We will evaluate work flow associated with applications, network configurations, and server requirements. We will generate a recommendation report for you to consider. We’ll guide you through the development of a network and server solution plan. If you chose to go ahead with our plan we offer installation, setup and ongoing maintenance service.
Please call for an appointment

Rates: $150.00

Have simultaneous access to both Windows and Mac operating systems on your Apple Intel based computer by having our technicians configure your computer with Parallels.
Parallels allows you to switch between the two operating systems and take advantage of using your favorite Windows applications and Apple’s advanced features. You can have the best of both worlds.

Rates: Basic Labour $170.00
Call about rates for custom options

Parallels $114.00 | Windows Vista $259.00 | Windows XP $140.00 | Install Labour $170.00
Promotion: Save $30.00 off the labour when purchased with a new computer $140.00

Double or triple your hard drive storage by installing a new hard drive.
With a desktop computer you can add to your current capacity to ensure better performance and operation. Or if you have a notebook them we will replace your internal hard drive and install your old drive in an external case to be used as a backup device.
Our service can include hard drive replacement, operating system and data transfer, external case installations. Our technicians will configure it the way you want.
Promotion: Save $20 with complete package hard drive, data transfer, & external case!


Notebook 2.5” hard drives Desktop 3.5” Hard Drives Desktop CD/DVDR Drive replacements
120GB Sata / Ata Hard drive | $120.00 1TB Barracuda 7200 Sata Internal Hard Drive 3.5” 32MB Cache | $209.95 Super Multi 22x DVDR IDE | $39.99
160 GB Sata / Ata Hard Drive | $130.00 160GB Barracuda SATA 7200 3.5” | $67.95 Super Multi 22x DVDR SATA | $47.99
200 GB Sata Hard Drive | $140.00 750-GB Barracuda ES.2 SATA 7200 3.5” Hard Drive | $199.95  
500 GB Sata Hard Drive | $160.00    
External Case w/ USB & firewire | $40.00    
Other Services    
Install Labour only | $85.00 Install and data transfer | $150.00 External casing install | $25.00

Our certified Apple Technicians will come right to your door to repair problems with your computer. Fixing corrupt file structure, cleaning up your hard drive, performing re-installations, and a complete diagnostic check are part of this service that will ensure your computer is working perfectly. Call to setup an appointment.

Rates: $125.00 per hr

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Keywords: Hard Drive, Hard Drives, Internal Cleaning, Preventive Maintenance,

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They will set up, configure and install computer equipment, install studio lighting on-site, perform preventive maintenance on your computer, clean camera CCDs and much more — we even provide our customers with free technical phone support. If your card is electrically damaged and can’t be detected or read at all we can provide an estimate to have the photos recovered by our photo recovery partner using a specialized interface.