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By: Viaduct Productions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Video, web applications, wireless applications

All Things Internet

We’ve been on the Internet since..FidoNet. And CompuServe, and bulletin boards, and 300 baud modems. How times have changed. High speed, wireless, LAN, PAN, SAN, VoIP, routers, switches, you name it, the Internet is big. For both personal and business realms, the Internet is number one. We can help you do things online, from websites to hosting to applications. We can also help you get high speed as well, for many people.

Soho Networks

Want a network for your office? Need Internet access? Need more than a single high speed? Looking at implementing wireless? Working at home has its benefits. In that sense, we offer complete technology solutions for small businesses. Last but not least, we also can offer this to anybody around the world, thanks to the Internet.

High Speed File Transfer (FTP)

Need to move large files fast? We can help you out. Even in same-city applications, sending medias out by taxicab is so 1987.

Hardware Solutions

Need advice on computers, networking, and peripherals? Need some open minded thinking on how to solve the challenge in the first place?

Video To Flash (.FLV)

Want to serve video on the Internet, like YouTube™ does? Give us a shout. We love video.

Video Editing

Need someone to edit your videos and put them online? Even if you are overseas, we can help you get online.


We offer solutions for serving everything from websites, to video, and file transfer as well.

Apple Macintosh™ Consulting

The Mac is gaining in popularity. It's an easy to use personal computer with tremendous power. It is an intelligently designed system that can provide intuitive tools for your personal and professional goals. We've been using them since they first came out.

Web Applications (Web 2.0)

Web applications are those websites that have interactive abilities, and are accessible through your browser on the Internet. They can also be used on your company Intranet too, closed to the outside world. These applications allow for groups of people to collaborate on projects. The benefits are that people have access to information anywhere there is wireless Internet, and can therefore stay up to date on posted information. Such examples are workflows, training, sales software, content & resource management, as well as dynamic company websites and eCommerce. Web applications are the fundamental building block pushing the Web 2.0 phenomenon.

Wireless Applications (Wireless 2.0)

We also develop wireless applications, leveraging the recent wireless technologies in order to provide information management from the field. Sales, service, and public applications are all the rage. Online, all the time. Let it work for you. Ask us for ideas as to how to benefit your business by integrating a wireless solution.


Drive your business using databases. Organize and archive everything you do. Find information fast. Create instant reports, data mine. Save time, get insight from your own business resources that ultimately charges your business.

Business Consulting

Yes, we are MBAs as well too. We know what drives your company, we know what makes your clients say “yes!”. Since we know tech, we know where some big leaps can be made once we understand your business. We know you are growing. We know you want to make money, and save money. We know your staff and your clients want to be happy. Our goal is to use technology as a paint brush to create something that highly benefits your company. In the end, a win-win solution that makes sense for everybody, both in short and long term. Technology is driving major efficiencies in business to the point where it’s redefining industries. Innovation can help you leave your competition in the dust, and make them look like dinosaurs.


Need access to lots of files or data? Storage is a high growth area. Companies are increasingly generating more content and records. Associated benefits of accessing this data means quick availability to large amounts of historical information. Give us a shout to see if we can help you with a solution designed to answer your business needs.

Workflows & Project Automation

Some companies rely on an optimized way of getting things done. Most instances include a layer of data that helps report what is going on, or what happened during this process. Tracking systems are one example of applications we design. eCommerce is another example.


We provide training. Either online, through video, or in person. We train on several technologies. Contact us for more info.

Translation Of Tech-Speak Into The Queen's English

We spoke English before we spoke Information Superhighway, or MBA-speak. We continue to speak English and have decided to make it the language of choice. We translate to our clients in order to explain why things make sense. We realize technology is like learning to drive. You don’t have to be smart to drive. Until you know how to drive, it’s all levers and knobs and wheels and pedals, and a car presents itself like a spaceship. Once you know how to drive, things become second-hand.

Timely Service

Other Stuff

Don't see what you need? Contact us and we'll see what we can do. We look forward to hearing from you.

Keywords: Video, web applications, wireless applications