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By: Venngo  09-12-2011

it's time for AdPerks

AdPerks offers you a unique opportunity to put your product in front a private audience of of over one million consumers looking for a deal. Our unique AdPerks solution allows advertisers to match the right product to the right customer at the right time – with a deal that makes it enticing.

Tailor your perk to the audience and region for which it is best suited. Then leverage Venngo's years of experience in the field and award winning customer service, to benefit from unparalleled market access to a network of private audiences you won't find anywhere else.

this is smart advertising

You are not simply placing an ad in the newspaper. This is a community of employees, professionals, business owners – consumers with money in their pocket - educated to come to their organization’s website when they are looking to make a purchase. We ensure that the customers interested in your specific products or services will be able to easily find your perk.

we want you to be successful

Companies trust us to provide them with top-tier services and products. Create a perk that will entice our WorkPerks and MemberPerks consumers. Over the course of your one year, you can change, update or add to your perk whenever you like using our easy online tools.

stop being a commercial - start being a perk

Looking for greater marketing exposure?
  • do you have the budget to support it?
  • are your products or services available for the mass market nationally?

We are Canada's leading provider of brand name savings programs for professional associations and employee and member-based groups. Through our WorkPerks and MemberPerks savings programs, we have aggregated an exclusive and fast-growing network of private audiences — including many of Canada's most prestigious employee and member-based groups.

Target your advertising regionally, locally or nationally

AdPerks provides you with :

  • Access to a private network of consumers: consumers of a large and highly fragmented market segment
  • The control you need: update, change, remove or add to your perk at your own convenience
  • The customers you want: employees and association members
  • The results you deserve: informed consumers seeking you out to make a purchase