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By: Uthink  09-12-2011

A major Canadian financial institution is working with Studentawards to creatively engage and convert prospects to customers. For the last 7 years, our attention-getting digital vehicles, such as online promotions, videos and interactive websites, have delivered exceptional results. Each year the program is refined through our careful analysis of program and web analytics.  The longevity of this program reflects our unique ability to provide evolving strategy and tactical solutions, achieving client acquisition objectives year over year.

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Studentawards Inc. Scholarships, Grants and Awards

Our relationships with educational institutions and students put us on a fast-track to creating and managing a scholarship program, now in its 5th year, for a major Canadian financial institution. Basing our strategic plan on the corporate customer acquisition and retention objectives, we created a portfolio of attractive scholarships, spanning the post-secondary landscape.


Studentawards Inc

Leverage our expertise and responsive student membership through youth appropriate marketing channels. In return, they repay our clients with word of mouth referrals, patronage and long-term loyalty. At the heart of our services is a loyal community of Canadian students. With 500,000 Studentawards members, you get results in record time. Just need data collection or focus group participants.


Studentawards Inc. Insights | Studentawards Inc

In July of 2010, in an effort to ascertain a snapshot of the future and provide insight into the thinking and intentions of Canadaâ??s youth, Studentawards conducted another groundbreaking study with their 500,000 member base. Canada 2020 asked high school, college and university students about their current and future beliefs on social issues, employment, technology, media, as well as their values and life priorities.