A Trip to the Spa: The Importance of Providing Water for the Birds

By: Urban Nature Store  09-12-2011
Keywords: Birds, Food Sources

What is a sure way to attract birds to your feeders? Offer water….especially during the winter. About 70% of a bird’s non-fat body tissue is water that needs to be maintained to avoid dehydration. Birds find some water in natural food sources – insects, berries and even the snow – but when these supplies dwindle, the water you supply becomes even more vital.

Open water in freezing weather will attract as many or more birds as will a well-stocked feeder. Open water allows birds to clean their feathers and do proper grooming with natural oils, our feathered friends are able to help insulate their bodies from the cold.

You can keep water thawed with a submersible heater placed directly in the water. It is economical and safe as long as you use a good quality, outdoor extension cord to plug the heater into the electrical source.

As firm believers in providing water year round, at the Urban Nature Store we stock several different styles of heated winter birdbaths, as well as submergible birdbath de-icers. We also offer the new Solar Sipper which uses sunlight to keep water from freezing.

In the summer fresh clean water is also very important. Birds will shy away from stagnant water or water that has become infested with mosquito larva. That why it is important to regularly clean your birdbath with non-toxic, non chemical cleaners. We recommend a natural enzyme-based cleaner which is safe, effective and good for the environment. We also stock the “Water Wiggler” that keeps the water gently moving in the birdbath so as to prevent mosquitoes using it as a breading ground. The small movement of the water also serves as an attractant to birds.

So for successful birding be sure that your birds have plenty of clean fresh water.

Keywords: Birds, Food Sources

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