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By: Up Capital  09-12-2011
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Bullfrog's green energy sources

Bullfrog works with a number of regional renewable energy generators to ensure we can meet the current and future requirements of our customers. By switching to Bullfrog Power's green energy, our customers are increasing the demand for renewable energy. As more and more people make this decision, it becomes economically possible for renewable energy generators to operate and to build new renewable projects. Just imagine: if you and everyone you know sign on for renewable energy, our energy systems will be greener, our environment cleaner, and our future that much better.

Across Canada, Bullfrog's electricity comes exclusively from regionally sourced wind and hydro facilities that have been certified as low impact by Environment Canada under its EcoLogoM program. Green electricity generators must meet specific environmental criteria to earn Environment Canada's EcoLogo certification. For example, all electricity from EcoLogo-certified facilities must be emissions free and be generated in a manner that does not adversely impact the environment.

It is important to Bullfrog Power to provide our customers with the highest quality green power product available. This means exceeding EcoLogo standards in many areas. For instance, we surpass EcoLogo criteria by choosing to source from new generation facilities, and by supporting the development of new renewable generation in Canada.

EcoLogo classifies generation facilities as either "New" (commissioned within the last 15 years) or old (older than 15 years). Despite the fact that EcoLogo does not require any "New" power in a certified green power mix, Bullfrog Power has and will continue to prioritize new renewable power in our mix. As we believe an emphasis on new project development is critical to the growth of the renewable energy industry, our goal is to provide EcoLogo-certified New green power for 100% of our mix.

Regional sourcing helps ensure your green power purchase positively affects your regional air quality, while also supporting the regional economy. Bullfrog's goal is to significantly exceed EcoLogo geographical sourcing requirements by sourcing as close to our customers as possible while ensuring that the power is as New as possible and still affordable.

Bullfrog's green electricity sources — listed alphabetically:

Completed in 2009, the Bear Mountain Wind Park is the first fully operational wind project in B.C. The wind farm is located in the Peace River region and is 15 kilometres southwest of Dawson Creek.
The Castle River Wind Farm was completed in 2001. The Castle River farm consists of 60 turbines with a total capacity of 60 MW. The facility is located in the municipal district of Pincher Creek, immediately west of the Town of Pincher Creek, in Alberta.
The Cowley North and Sinnott Wind Plants were completed by Canadian Hydro in the summer and fall of 2001. The Cowley North site comprises 15 Nordex N60 turbines—each rated at 1.3 MW. Sinnott Wind Plant, located directly west of Pincher Station, comprises five Nordex N60 turbines. The Sinnott site is a test location where more turbines will likely be erected in the future.

In November 2009, Canadian Hydro was acquired by TransAlta Corporation. Bullfrog's contract to source power from the sites remains in effect.

Sprott Power's Ferndale wind farm is located in Bruce County, Ontario, on the beautiful Bruce Peninsula. Bullfrog Power announced an initial agreement with Sky Generation, the farm's original owner, in September 2005 for a 20-year power purchase agreement from the wind farm's initial turbine and a minority investment in Sky Generation to help finance new turbines. In November 2006, Bullfrog Power announced the commissioning of two new wind turbines at the wind farm to exclusively supply Bullfrog Power customers. Together, the two state-of-the-art Vestas V82 1.65 MW turbines are expected to produce almost nine million kWh of emission-free electricity each year.

In 2011, Sprott Power acquired Sky Generation. Bullfrog's contract to source power from the site remains in effect.

Two new turbines are spinning a few kilometres northeast of Pincher Creek, Alberta, to serve demand from Bullfrog Power's commercial and residential customers. Constructed in the fall of 2006 and commissioned in the spring of 2007, the two Vestas V80, 1.8 MW turbines produce more than 10,000 MWh of clean, emission-free electricity annually—enough to power about 1,400 homes.

Alberta Wind Energy Corporation is one of Alberta's newest wind farm builders and operators. Bullfrog Power is sourcing all the green power from the first two turbines at the Oldman River wind farm. Additionally, Bullfrog Power is investing in Alberta Wind Energy to help expand the project in the future.

Sprott Power's Ravenswood wind farm is located near Grand Bend, Ontario. In January 2008, the farm's original owner, Sky Generation, in partnership with Bullfrog Power, launched the wind farm. Consisting of six Vestas V82 1.65 MW models, the site produces more than 26 million kilowatt hours of clean, emissions-free power annually. Two of the Ravenswood farm's turbines are dedicated to supplying green electricity for Bullfrog Power customers.

In 2011, Sprott Power acquired Sky Generation. Bullfrog's contract to source power from the site remains in effect.

A leading Canadian developer of renewable energy generation projects, Schneider Power is one of Bullfrog Power's suppliers of wind power.

Schneider's wind farm is located near Spring Bay on Manitoulin Island and currently operates two Enercon E48 800 kW turbines. Schneider Power, in partnership with Bullfrog Power, commissioned these turbines in early 2007 to meet the growing demand for green power in Ontario. The site generates approximately three million kWh of clean, emission-free power annually, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 2,100 tonnes per year. Through a 20-year power purchase agreement between Schneider Power and Bullfrog, all of the power produced by the new turbines will be supplied to the Ontario grid on behalf of Bullfrog's customers.

Bullfrog Power sources low-impact hydro from the St. George Hydroelectric Station, located in the town of St. George, New Brunswick, at the confluence of the Magaguadavic River and a tidal estuary of the Bay of Fundy.

This 15 MW plant is New Brunswick's first certified "green" source of energy under the EcoLogo program.

In March 2011, Manitoba's second wind farm, the St. Joseph Wind Farm, was completed. The 138 MW wind farm consists of 60 2.3 MW Siemens wind turbines located approximately 100 kilometres south of Winnipeg in the rural community of St. Joseph.
Commissioned in 2006, St. Leon Wind Farm was Manitoba's first commercial wind farm. The 99 MW wind farm is located approximately 150 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg in the town of St. Leon. The St. Leon Wind Farm is home to 63 1.65 MW Vestas V82 wind turbine generators. The arctic model of turbine was selected to accommodate Manitoba's winter climate.
The Summerview Wind Farm was completed in 2004. The Summerview project consists of 39 Vestas V80 turbines—each rated at 1.8 MW. The facility is located in the northeast portion of the municipal district of Pincher Creek, just north of the Oldman River and adjacent to the west boundary of the Peigan Reserve, in Alberta.
Commissioned In the fall of 2004, the Taylor Wind Park consists of nine wind turbines that were installed on the hill above the Taylor hydro facility. The wind turbines generate 3.4 MW of power annually. The facility is located near Magrath and was also constructed adjacent to the Taylor Coulee Chute, about 40 kilometres south of Lethbridge.

The West Cape Wind Farm was completed by West Cape Wind Energy in May 2007. The original West Cape Wind Farm consisted of 11 Vestas V80 turbines—each rated at 1.8 MW. The wind farm is situated near O'Leary, Prince Edward Island.

Bullfrog believes there is the potential develop green natural gas projects across the country. As the demand for green natural gas grows, we will look for opportunities to support the development of new green natural gas projects in other provinces.

Keywords: energy systems, Green Electricity, Green Energy, green power, Renewable Energy, Renewable Power

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