By: Union Ergonomics  09-12-2011
Keywords: Occupational Health , Ergonomics, Safety Education

Union Ergonomics services include ergonomics assessment, injury prevention, safety education, safety certificate, occupational health education & training, and orthopaedic, medical & ergonomics supplies. A typical first visit includes an ergonomics assessment. In the next visit a report of finding is presented to patient along with any recommendations our health professional has for this patient.

If necessary medical, orthopaedic and / or ergonomics supplies are provided to help patient work better, prevent injuries and decrease pain.

Your entitlement to our services are on an annual basis. Most workers seek our services every 12 months as a follow up re-assessment and to receive new supplies; if still necessary for their well-being.

Your family members are also covered for our services. Your wife/husband & children under 19 (or 24 if they are full time students) have the same benefits as you and are able to receive our services if necessary to improve their health.

Keywords: Ergonomics, Occupational Health , Safety Certificate, Safety Education