By: Tubemagic Canada  09-12-2011

Power Amps:

  • 300B x 2 Pararell Single Ended 20W mono block
  • EL34 x 1 Driver / 6SN7GT x 1 Input
  • Zero Negative Feedback / Auto bias
  • RCA input standard / optional with XLR Balanced input
  • High voltage transformer, Filament transformer and choke customed with M6 core
  • Hammond classic output transformer
  • BHC, Rubycon electrolytic capacitors, Jenzen capacitors
  • D.H. Lab cables
  • Silver soldering
  •   MSRP CAD$7,500.00 pair

P22SE 2A3

23SE 300B

High Resolution Pre-amplifiers:

Designed and proudly made in Canada

  • Zero negative feedback
  • Stepped ladder attenuator / Dale resistors
  • High voltage, filament transformers and choke customed with M6 core
  • BHC, Cerafine, Rubycon, Jensen capacitors, Belden, D.H. Lab cables
  • Standard stereo RCA inputs & outputs, XLR Balanced outputs
  • Balanced inputs are optional
  • Silver soldering
  •   MSRP CAD$4,500.00 (Specification changes without prior notice)
Sound Diffusers:
  • Panel sound
  •  Corner sound diffusers
  • Corner bass traps All that makes room tuning EASY!!!
An innovative modules design for easy setups, creating an in home neutral listening environment!!! Each piece is carpeted all around with decorative front grill!!! Easy for trucking as well!!! Each flat panel or corner diffuser front measurement is 60cm x 60cm, corner diffuser may add a bass absorber on bottom. Side panel or corner diffuser minimum use two pieces, stack on top, you may tailor depending of your listening room height, width and depth.
Corner diffusers are recommended for all four corners for best result.
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011