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By: Totum  09-12-2011
Keywords: health care, Physical Activity, Youth Training Program

Yes, we are back in 2012 to inspire and help kids be better athletes and movers!

We have just completed the ‘re-assessments’ of the participants in the Fall program and what a change.  It’s amazing what once a week for 8-10 weeks can do to improve how youth move.  They are like little sponges taking in the information and spitting out results. To see a bit of what our program entails, take a look at the video in the right side bar→ or scroll down to read about our program philosophy.

In January we will be having our third phase of the Youth Program.  There are two options:

1.  If you had a child in the after school program at Rolph Road, we will be offering this program again and possibly a session for older children.  If you are interested in this and have a child at Rolph, please let the folks responsible for setting the schedule know about your interest.  Registration for this program will follow the schedule Rolph Road sets out.  If you have children at another school you think this would work well in, please have the organizers of your after school programs get in touch with us.

A.  Summer Camp - week long within a gym and/or outside but held daily to emphasize rapid development of speed, coordination, power, strength and flexibility.  This session can be thought of as a ‘training camp’.

B.  Fall Program - within a gymnasium held weekly.  Training technique and games focused, this program can be thought of as a compliment to the sport or playground activities children participate in.

 We are looking forward to the winter program and seeing the kids smiling faces.

The Totum Youth Training Program has these prime initiatives:

1. To develop each child’s movement potential to the best of their abilities

2. To develop within a child a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity

3. To provide a fun environment for children to develop basic but necessary movement skills

4. To aid our society by developing a more active population, thereby reducing the dependency on a ‘treatment, not prevention’ health care system

What is it?

The Totum Youth Training Program helps children develop basic movement skills that will allow them be more comfortable and confident when they participate in physical activity and sports. This will help them to enjoy activity more, and hopefully keep them engaged through the remainder of their lives. We all know how important this is.

For athletes, developing fundamental movement skills is essential for them to achieve their potential in a chosen sport. For example, if a young athlete cannot perform a basic squat properly, they will not be as effective in sports that require lower body strength and speed.

How do we do this?
The weekly sessions will start with an assessment of movement patterns in each child. This will let us know what their strengths are and what areas we need to focus on.

During the training portion we will focus on speed, agility, balance, hand-eye coordination, strength, mobility/flexibility, along with cardiovascular and muscular endurance.  Children will be grouped into smaller sections that are age and ability appropriate. We also plan to include a nutrition education component to this training. We want to develop good eating habits in our groups in a fun, relaxed environment.

Keywords: health care, Physical Activity, Youth Training Program

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