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OPARA LAW PC practices in all aspects of business law, including start up of new business, purchase of business, sale of business, reorganization of an existing business, merging with another business, customizing your business in response to daily economic realities, among others. In addition, whether your business is in need of contracts or regulatory compliance or acquisition or protection of its intellectual property rights, you can turn to OPARA LAW PC for legal assistance and advice. Our Business Law Group deals with all aspects of business law, including the practice areas listed below.

Corporate & Commercial Law

OPARA LAW PC is an innovative Commercial Litigation Law Firm that is designed to meet the needs of small and mid-size companies in a cost effective way without sacrificing excellence and sophistication. Our Corporate Commercial practice provides advice and assistance to business enterprises from startups to large and sophisticated corporations. OPARA LAW PC is tailored towards serving as your house advisory counsel through our superior legal representation and advice. We are the missing link between in-house counsel and private counsel. It is financially challenging for small and mid-size companies to staff full time in-house counsel. However, OPARA LAW PC will assist you in fulfilling this function at a cost-effective way. We are desirous of providing stakeholders, owner-managers, officers, directors and entrepreneurs with timely dynamic practical solutions. The expertise and experience of our lawyers and intellectual property professionals are all accessible to all our clients.

OPARA LAW PC is staffed by lawyers who have worked in prestigious top law firms and have graduated from top law schools in both Canada and the United States. OPARA LAW PC will represent, counsel and manage your legal portfolio in a cost effective manner that keeps your business constantly growing exponentially. Give OPARA LAW PC the opportunity of learning about your goals and financial projections so that it would give you legal insight that will assist you in developing your business, reducing your operational costs, maximizing your profits, as well as managing your projects.

Our Services include:

• Commercial Agreements

• Incorporations

• Partnerships

• Structuring and establishing and organizing a business

• Registering Business Names, Domain names, Trade-marks, Patents and Copyrights

• Shareholder, Joint Venture, Partnership and related agreements

• Share and Asset Purchase Agreements

• Amalgamations and Reorganizations

• Dissolutions and Winding ups

• Corporate Governance Issues, Corporate Disclosure Matters and Corporate Compliance

• Acquisitions, Mergers and Divestitures

• Protection of Intellectual Property including Licensing, Distribution Confidentiality and Outsourcing Agreements

• Advising on Provincial and Federal Regulatory Compliance Requirements

• Sale of Goods Agreements

• Service Contracts

• Employment Agreements

• Legal Opinion Letters

• Contract Review and Markups

• Technology Licensing and Transfer Agreements

• Confidentiality and Non-compete Agreements

• Consulting Agreements

• Equipment Leases

• Entertainment Agreements including Recording Contracts

• Distribution Agreements

• Sales Agency Agreements

• Franchise Agreements

E-Commerce & Technology

Doing business online could be challenging. Our Business Group provides comprehensive and specialized advise and legal services in all aspects of e-commerce, e-regulatory compliance, software-related transactions, privacy and domain names, trade-marks, copyrights, online advertising and cross-border transactions, among others.

We assist our clients in conducting an audit on their web sites, including a comprehensive examination of their web sites to determine compliance with existing laws and regulations, legal opinion embodying our findings and ways of addressing web site deficiencies, among others. Furthermore, we conduct a privacy audit on our clients’ e-transactions to ensure they comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. We are experienced in all aspects of e-commerce and strive to be on top of technology. We provide a dynamic practical solution to the ever changing world of e-commerce.

Further, we draft software license agreements that assist our clients to protect their intellectual property rights and commercial transactions. It would be our pleasure to apply our robust technology background to your software transactions.

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Copyright - Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Registration

This exemption still has its limitations as an individual can only copy a small amount of the work, i.e. a student studying may be permitted to copy a page or two to study from, but a whole chapter may not be permitted. An infringement can also apply to an individual who coordinates other individuals to copy and distribute another person’s work without his permission.


Industrial Design Office - Industrial Design Law - Canadian Intellectual Property Office - Ontario, Toronto, Canada

The owner can also use the same rights for their registered design if it’s something that comes in pieces and has to be assembled, e.g. a new bike design that has to be assembled when you buy it, it’s not necessary to register each individual piece of that bike because your entire bike design is registered.


Intellectual Property Law Firm, Toronto Patent Lawyers, Trademarks Attorney, Copyrights Registration

In the United States, a Patent also lasts for 20 years from the date of the first filed U.S. application; however, for applications filed since 29 May 2000, the term may be extended based on any delays in issuance of the Patent caused by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce.


Patent Lawyer Canada - Patent attorney - International Patent Law - Canada Patent Office - Ontario, Toronto, Canada

Right to sell the invention and all its intellectual property rights• Right to license the invention to someone else while retaining all the intellectual property rights• Right to discuss the invention with others in order to set up a business to carry out the invention. Another important reason one should do a patent search is to gain knowledge of other similar patents which would help us at Opara Law PC to draft the best possible application.


Toronto Entertainment Lawyers, Entertainment Attorneys Ontario, Music Industry Law Firm Canada

We represent a broad range of professionals in the music industry, including recording artists, producers, record and publishing companies and executives, managers, live event producers and promoters, theatre owners and operators, distribution companies, production companies, publishers and songwriters.


Toronto Franchise Agreement Lawyers, Franchising Attorneys Ontario, Business Franchise Law Firm Canada

Our lawyers also have extensive experience acting on behalf of both franchisors and franchisees in franchise default and termination situations including lease terminations, realization on assets and security, receiverships, bankruptcy and injunctions to enforce non-competition provisions of franchise license agreements, among others.