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By: Toronto Photography Solutions  02-12-2010
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You own a digital SLR camera. You've read the manual. You are familiar with your camera controls, but you are still shooting in Program Mode or Auto. Are you ready for an interactive, hands-on workshop that will give you the skills and the self-confidence that you need to start shooting in Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes? Shooting in these two modes will give you greater creative control.

Target audience: Advanced Beginners and Intermediate Photographers

You will be introduced to key photography concepts and then lead through exercises that will teach you how to use two advanced photography modes to capture interesting images. You will be provided with a course handbook (useful reference tool).

Introduction of Concepts:

· Aperture
· Shutter speed
· How they work together to create good exposure


· Shooting in Aperture Priority
You set the aperture (lens opening) and your camera automatically sets the shutter speed. Learn to adjust the ISO (light sensitivity) to get a good exposure.

· Shooting in Shutter Priority
You set the shutter speed and your camera automatically sets the aperture. Learn to adjust the ISO to ensure that you get a good exposure.
What to bring to the workshop:

· Digital SLR camera
· Lens(es)
· A fully charged battery
· Freshly formatted memory card
· Camera manual

As well as learning theory, the workshop is hands on and fully immersive. You will have ample opportunity to put into practice the skills you learn during the workshop, as we will be shooting both in the studio and outside (weather permitting). Students are encouraged to ask questions throughout the sessions.
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Keywords: Portrait Photo Studios

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