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By: Toronto Muralists  09-12-2011
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Mural Painting Services

Painting murals of all sizes for clients of all walks of life. We are mural painters experienced painting interior and exterior murals of all sizes large and small. We'll take your rough idea and develop it artistically or if you have an image we'll replicate it to any size large or small. Our mural painting experience includes using lifts, scaffold, ladders and more, the limits of our reach to paint your mural are only limited by your imagination.

Why a mural?

Murals can be many things. Murals can be huge and expansive, an effective way to communicate a message to a wide audience. Murals can be intimate and expressive, a unique way to replace conventional means of interior decoration. Regardless of a murals size or location, a mural is more than just a visual experience. A mural is a communication delivered to all viewers, either sub-consciously or consciously, at the heart of that communication is the underlying commitment represented by the permanence a mural provides.

interior & exterior mural painting

  • Interior Mural Painting

    Interior murals are the perfect way to add a unique atmosphere and present your space in a visually engrossing way unparalleled by posters, canvas art or wallpaper. A mural is a transformation of the interior space, a transformation that can be conducted in a subtle or grandiose fashion.

  • Exterior Mural Painting

    Exterior murals are the perfect way to be seen. Our Toronto mural painters are experienced with taking your already made graphics and representing it at all sizes on all mediums. Useful in advertising, promotion or artistic expression - an exterior mural is your answer.

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