Konstantin Toubis is a local electoral candidate for ward 10.

Konstantin Toubis is a local electoral candidate for ward 10. from Toronto municipal city council election,Konstantin Toubis.

By: Toronto municipal city council election,Konstantin Toubis.   21-09-2010
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 Please allow me to introduce myself as your local electoral candidate for ward 10. My name is Konstantin Toubis. I was born in 1973 to a Russian Jewish family of a university professor and an engineer. I have been married since 1997 to my lovely wife Larissa and have three daughters.

Since 1998, I have been actively involved in the community life of Toronto. I am currently the President of the Educational and Recreational Centre located at the Antibes Community Centre, the Coordinator of the Association of Soviet Jewry in Canada, a member of the Russian-Speaking Congress of Canada and a member of the Community Relations Committee of the Canadian-Jewish Congress. In 1999, I began to work as the President of the Educational and Recreational Centre in the Antibes Community Centre, where I organized countless social and cultural programs for seniors, as well as sports and educational programs for children and youth. I also create programs to assist new immigrants and low-income families, including free language courses and consulting services to help newcomers integrate into everyday life and our Canadian society. All of these programs continue to operate successfully and are available to everyone regardless of income level or social status. Additionally, I have also organized and actively participated in a number of other community projects and events. For instance, I organized a charity program to help young Russian survivors of acts of terrorism from a school in the city of Beslan. In 2005, we were proud and fortunate to have the opportunity to provide these teens with a two-week community support trip to Canada at no cost to them. I also actively participate and support charitable programs to assist Israel. Furthermore, I provide assistance to the Committee of Second World War Veterans, including the annual celebration of Victory Day. I take pride in being involved in organizing festivals and other cultural events held within our community and in our city. My priorities as a City Councillor of Ward 10 comprise of the following: Our ward is not as well policed as I would like to see. The safety of our residents is high on my priority list. Increased policing will provide us with a safer, more crime-free environment to benefit of all of us, therefore, I would like to increase the local presence of police significantly! It is essential for the continuous proper growth and function of our neighbourhood that traffic issues and congestion be resolved in our district. Areas such as Dufferin Street between Steeles Avenue and Finch Avenue and the intersection of Finch Avenue and Bathurst Street must be improved in order to increase the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. Many are not aware that these locations and intersections are currently some of the most dangerous in the entire city of Toronto. This is of course absolutely unacceptable and we must work together to change this situation! Our community is a hard working one where numerous families have to work day and night to make ends meet. As a result, their children have to spend much of their time less attended than we would like, often wandering the streets without being involved in any activities. This lack of involvement increases the instances of juvenile delinquency in our community. My campaign will focus on extending many of the programs I have already started and also offer additional after school activities and programs for children and youth which will be available for low-income families. It is imperative that we act diligently, as our children are our future and we must attend to their needs as a matter of urgency! Seniors and people with disabilities also require special attention. We have to support and make the lives of these people more comfortable and civilized in terms of their everyday activities and pastimes. This is also one of my top priorities! A council office located right in our district will be established and operated on a daily basis in order to best serve the day-to-day needs of our constituents. I plan to organize a committee of local residents to work together with me to help solve everyday problems and facilitate decision-making processes that our community requires. If your concerns are similar to mine and you would like to see your next City Councillor be a capable advocate, one who is able to solve our issues and resolve our problems, you will be making the right decision by giving me your vote! I call on you for your help, support and trust! Together we can make a difference in our community, our lives and the lives of our children. Making the impossible possible is a challenge which I take to heart. PLEASE HELP ME SPEAK LOUDLY FOR WARD 10 - YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

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