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By: Toronto Kite Fliers  09-12-2011
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A few facts and comments:

Kites have now been completely banned in Milliken Park, with a $100 fine, due to concerns over kite fighting, and the sharp kite lines that are often used.

• A complete ban of all kites not only punishes families who are flying regular kites, but also attacks the entire kite-fighting community even though there are segments of that community who do NOT use sharp kite lines.

Regular kite flying is a safe and fun family and group activity. It encourages creativity, exercise and appreciation of our outdoor spaces.

The kite ban was NOT put on the agenda of the Scarborough Community Council. That means there was no publicly available staff report, no staff recommendation, no community consultation and no opportunity for deputations. This represents a complete disregard for the core purpose of Community Councils: to allow residents to share their views on local issues and work towards solutions.

The issue of Kite Fighting is complex, culturally sensitive, and deserves a delicate approach. An outright ban, with no community consultation or public deputations is irresponsible and undemocratic.

Thousands of people fly kites safely in Toronto. The vast majority do not participate in kite fighting or use sharp lines. An outright ban on kites, is like banning all cars to prevent drag racing or speeding.

• Toronto has an organisation of kite fliers: Toronto Kite Fliers: Contact: Gary Mark:
TKF is involved with a wide range of kite activities in the GTA and works closely with regional kite clubs in Ottawa, Kitchener, Port Colborne, Buffalo and Windsor, as well as clubs in British Columbia, Quebec and the Northern United States.

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Keywords: Kite Flying

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