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By: Toronto Home Theater  09-12-2011
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There’s more to home theater design than just getting a good quality TV, DVD player, sound system and other components.  Even if you spend a fortune on your home theater components, you might not get the most enjoyment out of your system if you neglect the overall design of the room or area.

Believe it or not, the type of window treatments, lighting and furniture you have in the room – even the colours of the walls – can determine whether or not you will have a superior entertainment experience.

  • Home Theater Design –  Project Management – Let us manage your home theatre installation and make it all happen from start to finish. Worry Free.
  • Custom Shelving and Cabinetry – Our meticulous carpenter offers simple, effective furniture solutions for your equipment. Plus the ability to construct walls, reinforce walls and prepare walls for custom screen sizes or automatic screen valences.
  • Certified Electrician – From pot lights and movie looking sconces to dedicated power to protect your audio/video systems. Home theater design starts with proper lighting that can really make a difference in the over all look and feel of your room.
  • Professional Painting – New walls, old walls or complete rooms to suit your dream theater room. Get ideas for colour combinations for the walls, ceilings and any furniture that is in the viewing area.
  • Curtains, Drapery and Blinds - Various window treatments from black-out blinds to classic curtains to add that theater feel to the room. Electronic options available that can be programmed into your new remote to close off a room or have all your windows blacked out fast!

For Home Theater Design that doesn’t get too complicated call Toronto Home Theater at 416-840-5537 – Our Professional Installers can answer all your home entertainment questions right on the spot!

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