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By: Toronto Gear  09-12-2011

To do a good job, you need two things -- good people, and the right equipment. At Toronto Gear, our manufacturing and technical standards are second to none. But in the end, its really people that produce the product. We're proud of our team at Toronto Gear. Their dedication and experience are your assurance of the quality that goes into every product we make.

We make the same commitment to personal service and attention. We'll get the right parts to you quickly. And we treat every order the same way - large or small. At Toronto Gear, there's no such thing as a minimum order. Because we understand that a small part can hold you up just as badly as a big one.

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Always on hand and ready to ship for next day delivery, anywhere in Canada or the U.S. Plus, in a distribution partnership with Boston Gear, we offer a complete range of Boston gears. At Toronto Gear, we take quiet pride in our very big stock -- virtually everything you might need to keep your plant operating.